It is never easy for someone to leave a job that they love, especially when that job involves something as crucial as building and brokering relationships between communities and governments.

There are not many positions that give people the opportunity to make a difference the way that serving as a diplomat does and no one knows this better than Daniel Taub, Israel’s former Ambassador the United Kingdom.

Being a diplomat often involves the challenge of becoming acclimated to a culture that is entirely new. It can involve learning a new language, familiarizing oneself with customs involving decorum, expectations in the workplace and doing business with people that one meets in the country that they are stationed in.

Fortunately Daniel Taub was uniquely well-positioned to succeed during his tenure as the State of Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Taub was actually born in the United Kingdom during the 1960s and later immigrated to Israel where would eventually work for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in the early 1990s.

Daniel Taub would eventually work his way up the ranks of the foreign ministry and would eventually be appointed to serve as the chief envoy between the government of the country he was born in and the country he had come to call his home. He was familiar with British culture something that likely helped him do well in his high profile position as Israel’s representative to the European nation.

The key to doing well in any career is having a strong educational background to serve as one’s foundation. Taub had this in droves and this enabled him to build a noteworthy diplomatic career. Taub attended some of the best institutions in the United Kingdom and in the United States to prepare him to succeed as an international affairs professional.

He completed studies at University College, Oxford, Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and University College, London.

One of the core components of good diplomacy is being able to use one’s intercultural skills and knowledge of a local culture to become integrated into a community and thus build good relations between a local community and the entity that one represents.

During his time as Israel’s Ambassador the United Kingdom Daniel Taub and his family were able to become a fixture in the local Jewish community in the United Kingdom. According to The Jewish Chronicle former Ambassador Taub and his wife were integrated into the local Jewish community thus building common ties between Israel and the United Kingdom.

In the article Taub acknowledged the strategic importance that Britain holds on the international stage. He noted that much of the global financial industry revolves around the United Kingdom and the international reach that the British media has.