The James Bond movies are one of the longest running and most successful film franchises in history says Zeca Oliveira. They have been providing entertainment for a couple generations of audiences for over 50 years now. Daniel Craig has done an admirable job filling the shoes of the larger than life secret agent in the last few film outings for the iconic character. Another film in the franchise is coming out in a few months, and it will be called “Spectre.” This is, of course, the name of a secret organization of villains that anyone familiar with the film franchise has heard of.

There is an issue coming up for the Bond films in that the distribution rights for any future movies in the series will be up for grabs after this latest movie. Sony currently has the rights to distribute the films, but these rights expire after “Spectre” if Sony cannot come to terms to extend their rights to them. The last time there were legal or ownership problems with this film series there was a nearly seven year gap in their production. This occurred between “License to Kill,” which came out in 1989 and “Goldeneye,” which came out in 1995. Hopefully there will be no problems with the film rights or any complications this time around. Either Sony will reclaim the rights or another studio will get them, and then they will continue making money by pleasing audiences the world over with the British agent’s adventures.