The renowned Brazilian author Jamie Garcia Dias has written many fictional books, received much recognition and owns many literary accolades. Dias was awarded the ABC Award of Brazil Fictional Literature. In 2001, Dias was presented with the prestigious accolade of the White Crane Award. The White Crane award is highly respected in the world of Brazilian literature and helped place Dias at the forefront of the Brazilian literary world.

As a youth, Dias was inspired by the works of his father, a respected writer and journalist. At the young age of 15, Dias decided that he wanted to become a writer as well. His father was his mentor and helped to foster Jamie’s love of literature. By the age of 18, Dias had written his first book. It is incredible to think that at an age where most people are focusing on graduating from high school that Jamie had already written a book. Dias pursued further study of literature in college and later served as a teacher at the Carioca Literature Academy.

For five years he taught students that were interested in pursing a career in literature. Dias was a passionate teacher and after introducing new techniques and methods of study, he rose in the administration. During this time, Dias continued to write. Many teachers would be too exhausted to write after a grueling day of teaching students, but Dias spent his evenings writings into the night. By the age of 30, Dias had already written ten books. Many writers would consider that quite an accomplishment and would be inclined to rest on their laurels a bit. Dias did not take a step back from his writing, instead he produced more work.

Dias has published twenty books. Five of his titles were award winning including Fell From Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds and Tiny. Fell From Heaven was especially popular and sold well throughout South America. The Argentinian writer Joshua Gomez lauded Dias’s novel as a great work of literature.

Jamie Garcia Dias continues to write and 2013 he was invited to write for the weekly publication the Journal of Brazil. He would often write pieces that were a tribute to his father in this publication. His most recent book was also written as a tribute to his father, the man that first inspired Jamie Garcia Dias to fall in love with literature. He shares stories of his childhood. Audiences are able to witness the strong sense of family that Dias experienced as child. Perhaps this warmth contributed to Dias’s writing style.

Hailing from the city of Rio de Janeiro, Dias has won the respect of the Brazilian literary world. He is widely recognized as one of the leading fiction writers in Brazil. He is one of Brazil’s cultural treasures and literary icons.