Jeff Aronin is making a major impact in the lives of others. As a philanthropist and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, his company and efforts are helping people with diseases where there are few or no treatments available. His company also helps to develop companies that offer new and innovative medical treatments. The result is a new emergence of companies that are developing new medicines at a fast pace. The FDA approved no less than 13 new medications of his in the past decade as a result of his tireless efforts and oversight.


The company’s success in developing new medications and companies is evident trough their effective business model. Patient needs are thoroughly assessed, and breakthrough science ends up being the result that helps lessen the suffering of many patients. Patient lives are also extended as a result.


Jeff Aronin is a leader and entrepreneur that continually looks to improve patient medical treatments. His education and experience follow two decades of delivering results. He has a deep understanding of diseases, and the development of medicines to treat these diseases. Add to his resume great leadership skills, and his ability to inspire top research teams, and cures for terminal illnesses and difficult medical conditions are bound to be the result.


Jeff Aronin also looks for ways to share his immense knowledge with other entrepreneurs who are working to make lasting changes in the medical world. Many of the problems that appear to be unsolvable, are the ones worth solving. It is his, and others, continual search for medical treatment solutions that is offering hope to the medical world.


The world will have to find new ways to treat diseases since the old ways do not always produce the most effective and desired results. Jeff Aronin has dedicated his life to helping find breakthrough treatments and drugs. He has many years left to dedicate his time and skills toward the development of innovative medications.