Colin Trevorrow Will Not Make Sequel to Jurassic World

Jurassic World will soon hit theaters next weekend, fourteen years after the last movie came out. Even with the new release there may be some new changes in store for the franchise’s future.

The chances are good that Universal Studios will be making a Jurassic Park 5 in the future, pending the financial results to Jurassic World, but one major change is that current Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow will not be in the driver’s seat according to businessman Zeca Oliveira. He recently said in an interview that another director should take the reigns and give their version of the series. At the same time he said even though he wouldn’t direct it he would be involved in filming in some way.

This would be an interesting take, considering that with a potential fifth movie coming about, there will have been four different directors involved with making a Jurassic Park film, which means a different outlook is possible. Granted, the movie has several days before it officially comes out but the studios are pretty much assuming the movie will be a hit and already have plans laid out for the future.

Trevorrow said the studios had discussed sequels with him and he wanted to try something that felt new and could make a complete story. The only problem for the new director would be doing something audiences haven’t seen before.