For hundreds of years the perennial tradition of the mystic Kabbalah has been taught by upper level initiates in various different Judaic, Christian and hermetic philosophers and spiritual seekers have taught the wisdom of the Kabbalah as embodied within the Zohar, a wide ranging work of mysticism, psychology, cosmology and various exogesic (that is, interpretative) commentaries upon the Torah (the 5 books of Moses).

The Kabbalah Centre seeks to bring this ancient wisdom tradition to a new generation with a very different approach to its teaching. Rather than being a highly elitist organization the Kabbalah Centre instead chooses to teach those who have had no prior knowledge of the Zohar, Torah or any other work associated with the Kabbalah. The Zohar forms the core of the institution’s curriculum and is supplement by a variety of other, similar texts. But the organization does not simply work as a library, it also provides teachers who are well versed in the perennial tradition of the Zohar, both in actual brick and mortar class rooms (in one of various locations around the globe, such as New York City, California as well as the city of London, England) teaching is also conducted via video chat on their extensive and informative web site.

The views espoused by the Kabbalah Centre International are manifold but the core tenets concentrate primarily upon the idea of the interplay between the Ein Sof, that is, the eternal and infinite realm of God and the mundane and mortal world of Man. Spiritual actualization is reached once a person distances himself or herself from the Ego (which is generally deployed as a placeholder for selfish desires) and breaks free from Qlipoth (meaning “shell” or “husk”), such a person is then free to be at one with the Ein Sof and to understand its spiritual laws.

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