Who said that being pregnant is sexy? Kim Kardashian certainly knows how to make being pregnant look sexy, even though she is growing bigger every day. Kim Kardashian In Sailor Suit. Kim decided to wear a sailor costume for her cover of Rolling Stones, and although you can’t see her stomach, she still looks great in the picture. Many are saying that her breasts have gotten bigger since she got pregnant, and many are commenting positively on her growth. Kim recently landed the cover of Rolling Stones, and her pictures are from the breast area, up.

Although the cover is not really acknowledging through pictures that Kim is pregnant, we obviously know that she is, and they are trying to hide her pregnancy belly. Even still, it looks great as always, and in the magazine, she will be talking about her life, what she wears, as well as her husband and child. According to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, Kim recently came out and stated that she is having a boy. Kim and Kanye were fortunate enough to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization, and they were able to choose the sex of their child.

There hasn’t been a due date that has been posted online as yet, but since Kim is already showing, it’s unlikely to be more than five months away. This is Kim’s second pregnancy, and she had worked for a long time to try to get pregnant without any success. The couple finally chose in vitro fertilization, which successfully got her pregnant.