Intellectual property is a big topic of discussion in the world of business today. Intellectual property laws protect things like patents and copyrights for people that invent or create products or services. These laws are extremely important to innovation in a society. People are much less likely to attempt to invent products if they know that someone can simply steal their idea. There are a variety of different services that help individuals secure patents to help protect from theft. One grey area in intellectual property law right now is the internet. There are billions of web pages with information on nearly every topic. It is difficult to find the original source in many cases, and people that produce content are unsure of how to cite their sources. Here are several ways that intellectual property laws help an economy.


Patents are given out to people that invent a product. There are essentially two kinds of patents. A design patent is given out to people or companies that invent a new way to design a product. A utility patent is awarded for inventing a totally new product or service. Utility patents are much more valuable and rare than design patents. Without a utility patent, another person or entity can simply come in and change the design on the product.


In a free market economy, innovation is one of the most important factors in the future growth of the economy. Having intellectual property rights help people protect their ideas and profit from them. Any nation that does not have solid intellectual property laws will see their innovation decrease. No one wants to put the time and resources into inventing a product if they know they will not retain the rights to it.

Frans Schoeman

Frans Schoeman is one of the leading experts on intellectual property laws around the world. Although Frans Schoeman on youtube is based in South Africa, his influence reaches to many nations around the world. Intellectual property cases can be difficult to understand, and it is important for people and companies to have a strong legal stance on their patents. There are times when a person or company must take other people to court over patent laws. Having a strong legal team that includes someone like Frans Schoeman can make a huge difference in the outcome of a case. Frans Schoeman has been involved in a number of important and high profile intellectual property cases.


Intellectual property laws are vital to a growing economy that is based on innovation. There are many different laws that are designed to protect people that invent products or services. This is an important piece of promoting innovation in a society over the long term.

Marijuana Is A Legal Intoxicate In Washington

February 26, 2015 is a day to remember in Washington DC. Marijuana is a legal substance, even though, the Republican chairman of the House committee tried to stop the mayor and the city council from implementing the law. Over 70 percent of the voters in DC wanted pot to be legal, and the mayor and his council gave them what they wanted.

The bad news is DC won’t become another Amsterdam. Pot shops and open-air smoking venues are out, but those minor details aren’t putting a damper on the city’s celebration. Residents of the city can use, grow and possess small amounts of pot, and stores that sell accessories for growing and using pot will start popping up around the city soon. Marijuana is finally taking its rightful place as the number one preferred recreational drug in DC and in other cities around the country.

Marcio Alaor BMG knows that the national policy manager for the Drug Policy Alliance, Michael Collins, had this to say about the new law. “What you’re seeing here is the end of marijuana prohibition, a change in attitudes and a real shift in law enforcement. This a huge step forward in the national fight for legalization,”

No word yet on how many Congressman will grow weed at home, but Las Vegas is betting on the House.