The hip hop and R&B singer known as iLoveMakonnen openly came out as being gay on a black people twitter post to his followers in the beginning of 2017. The rapper from Atlanta Georgia, said that he wanted to embrace himself and encourage others to embrace their own sexuality by his coming out as being homosexual.


Azealia Banks is a female rapper and hip hop singer who came out as being bisexual. Banks has always remained open about her bisexuality. Hip hop singer Frank Ocean revealed he was part of the LGBT rappers community during a Tumblr post in 2012. The R&B and soul artist said that he felt liberated and truly free after coming out of the closet about his sexuality.


Female rapper and hip-hop artist from New York City, Angel Haze has said she is bisexual. She said that she does not care about gender but only love when it comes to relationships. Haze has performed her own version of the song Same Love which is about same sex relationships and love between two people of the same gender.


Mélange Lavonne is a female rapper that is open and proud of being a lesbian. Her music is heavily inspired by her sexuality. Lavonne has toured with LGBT tour groups and has released songs such as Gay Parenting, Haterz and Gay Bash that explore homosexuality.


Deadlee is a biracial rapper who came out as being gay and later married his male partner in 2013. His songs explore the themes of homosexuality. His frankness with being openly gay has inspired many in the hip-hop community who are gay.