The most appropriate time to start investing is the moment that a young person receives there first job after college in their chosen profession. For many, it could be their first experience with investing in any form including their parents. Because of this, these young investors may want to seek the advice of an investment professional. The firm that they approach should be reputable and financially healthy. With the advent of the internet, there is plenty information available.

The second thing that they should remember is that these investment professional are there to enrich themselves and their company. This comes from selling stocks, and it does not matter if the stocks are successful. There is a simple remedy to prevent these professionals from taking undue risks with the investors’ money. Simply ask the investment professional if they are willing to become the investor’s fiduciary. Reuters had an article that being a fiduciary makes them legally culpable for any clandestine activities with the investor’s investments, so if the professional is not willing to be a fiduciary, the potential investor should find an investment professional that will.

However, this does not demean the business, and many investment professionals like Brad Reifler that are ethical go on to head large firms. Because they are upstanding investors, the people that utilize them trust them to perform and give direct valuable advice. This trust has propelled Reifler to the heights of the investment world. His advice is responsible for generating returns for some of the largest investors in the world. In this business, he is an unparalleled visionary. However, there are investment professionals with Brad’s integrity, and when they agree to become the investor’s fiduciary, it says just that. Investing early does carry some risk, but it allows for long term gains, even if the short term is not looking rosy.