Do you ever find yourself with a a small roll of chapstick that not only seems overpriced but never fully moisturizes your lips? Or lip balm that smells and taste delightful, but costs more than a meal at a nice restaurant? Or worse, the chapstick seems to keep lips not chapped but they’re not soft and may actually be slightly irritated? This is because many lip moisturizing companies use ingredients that focus on the short-term goal rather than long-term. EOS lip-balms was created so that people have access to an affordable, soothing, hydrating lip product that anyone can use, no matter their skin sensitivity. Discover more facts here on

For someone new to these products, you cannot go wrong with the Original, Organic, Medicated, and Active lines, check this out! The Original is what started it all. The Organic has the same properties as the Original, it just utilizes all organic ingredients. The Medicated is also a pretty safe, neutral line in terms of flavor, while it also has additional medicinal ingredients to soothe the especially irritated skin on the lips. The Active contains SPF to protect the lips from harsh sun rays. All the flavors within these lines, including the fruit, fresh, and sweet flavors, are all meant to work with sensitive skin as all the EOS lip balms are hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved. It is just that for newbies, these might be the best place to start.

Some other fun, unique EOS lip balm categories include the Shimmer and Crystal. The Shimmer actually has sparkles within the balm, adding a little personality to lips; great for on-the-go when you need to look nice but do not have time for makeup or want a more subtle makeup lip look. The Crystal is actually one of the newer lines that came out that clear helping to give lips a very natural yet hydrating touch.

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