Lime Crime is a hot new makeup line. The line is full of bright, bold colors and was created by Doe Deere. According to her interview with Galore Mag reporter Stephanie Janetos, Doe Deere says she’s always been into color. Making color and using it in creative ways in her professional life has been a dream come true.

Even as a child Doe Deere loved to paint and dress up. She favored bold colors even then and recalls in the interview dressing up as a witch with a long dark skirt, heavy eyeliner, and pink eye shadow. This sense of fun led her to explore with stage makeup on Instagram. Doe Deere posted pictures of her creative looks and gained followers who were eager to see her next look.

This led to Doe Deere starting Lime Crime in 2008 which was wildly successful. As a matter of fact, she recently graced the cover of Self-Made magazine as on of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. She credits her fans. Those followers on Instagram and fans have to make the brand a success. Doe Deere refers to them as her unicorns. Strong people unafraid to use color in their own lives.

The Lime Crime line can be found in several places on the web. carries bright lipstick shades like Pumpkin and Cement but also has bright eyeliners. The line has plenty of reds and pinks but the line also has a unique number of original colors sure to set the wearer apart.

Of course one of the best places to see the full range of Lime Crime and Doe Deere’s creative color combinations is directly from the source at Her entrepreneurial skill is on display, glittering gold eye shadow, metallic blue lipstick is available right next to soft velveteen pinks and reds.

Doe Deere says in the Galore Mag interview that she loves the instant connection the internet gives her with her customers. Her colors and formulas revolve around the strong personality and sense of fun that her costumers have. Long lasting colors that are smudge proof and unique, Doe Deere is constantly improving her brand.  For more on her, check out the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere.