Marc Sparks is an investor, venture capitalist and entrepreneur that has done quite well for himself. He has broken the rules, and somehow he still made it. I think that it is great that he is now lending a helping hand with Spark Tank to help others that have had a hard time making it. I know that this is something that he is passionate about, and I believe that this passion can fuel a lot of other social services executives that are trying to present their ideas.

That is what Spark Tank ( is all about. It gives social service executives a platform. This Spark Tank concept allows them to fill out an application and fight for the chance to present an idea that may lead to social success. That is a big thing for people that are trying to find the right platform to unveil a business.  Read more: They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success and Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

I think that the world needs more people like Marc Sparks because he is the true essence of a go getter. There are people that have the plan, but many people do not put it into action. I think that Marc is bold in the statements that he makes, but some of these statements have become very true.

He has always said that good grades in school did not equate to a good job. Sparks even had the confidence to say that people did not need to go to college to be successful. I would agree with this. I know that I spent a ton on a college education, but I have not reaped the type of rewards that a college education should yield.

Marc Sparks has been an inspiration because he has been honest about success in life. There are some times when the road is going to be risky; there are other times when the success is going to be easier to obtain. Sparks just believes that it is all up to each individual to show their own self-worth. That is what he emphasizes with the Spark Tank. Learn more about Marc Sparks:
What he has indicated is that he wants applicants for the Spark Tank to show their creativity. He is someone that has thought outside of the box. He encourages everyone else to do the same. When people go the extra mile and think outside of the box it is going to be easier for them to come up with something that is unique.

Marc Sparks has been around for a long time. He isn’t just throwing his money into any idea that surfaces. He wants to have a concept that is unique and bold. Sparks is always looking for a chance to bring something new and exciting to the business world.