In a recent interview with Variety Matthew McConaughey revealed that he has been in talks with both Marvel and DC about a possible project.

There was a time when Hollywood royalty like McConaughey were out of range for the once niche superhero market. Since the breakthrough of the X-Men films (and a few others) in the early 2000s the genre has become the apex of Hollywood filmmaking with Oscar nominated stars donning tights and masks. McConaughey may prove to be the white whale according to Igor Cornelsen. He has both booming mainstream popularity stemming from the likes of the Wolf of Wall Street and TV’s True Detective, while maintaining indie film cred with Dallas Buyers Club and Gus Van Sant’s new the Sea of Trees.

McConaughey is a picky actor, choosing characters and projects that genuinely interest him. As the comic book giants dig deeper into their archives for new heroes and storylines there may just be the right cape for him.