On Writing their Own Material

Alex Pall gave a very realistic answer when he said he didn’t see any reason why not? Some people are not aware that there are many artists who they think write the lyrics for their songs have other people do that for them. For whatever reason these people don’t write the words for their songs is their decision, but it is evident to Pall that they wanted to have a hands-on experience with the entire content of their music and lyrics. It seemed to Adam Pall that if one of the critical elements of their sound and the fans experience of them is being able to relate to their knowledge, then being able to write their own music and lyrics would strengthen the ability for fans to reach them at the level of their experience. Having a particular worldview and a need to share that worldview will come out in your lyrics, whether someone else writes for you or you write it yourself. the difference is if you are really into this whole production process from beginning to the end, then it is something you really are passionate about and gives you another opportunity to kind of say “this is us.”


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The Album

There are many pressures that surround putting together an album. That is when it is advantageous to have written your own lyrics and had your hand on everything that makes it possible to express your identity thru your lyrics and music. If you don’t have that, says Andre Pall, then your fans will notice it; moreover, your label will also discover it. Otherwise, you will be like selecting someone else’s songs for your own voice. Your label will give you pressure if they hear a song that doesn’t fit with the whole album. You really are doing yourself a favor by having your finger on the pulse of your own sound and being able to express your own experience of the world thru your lyrics. The fans are excited when you can communicate with them from time to time when you are working on an album and they get to hear what is in the pipeline thru Twitter®, Facebook® or Instagram®.


The Chainsmokers

Adam Pall and Andrew Taggart are the Electronic Dance Music Duo that turned Pop. Writing their own music and lyrics they are able to communicate their experiences to their fans in songs like Closer, Don’t Let Me Down, and Sick Boy. The Chainsmokers began producing music in 2012 and since then have received many awards and recognition for their unique sound and message.



The last number of years have seen an amazing amount of growth for Netflix. From starting out as a strictly DVD by mail service and being the first to really capitalize on the popularity of streaming entertainment they have always stayed ahead of the curve. Recent reports from Gianfrancesco Genoso’s Linkedin have valued the company at more than $32.9 billion. This valuation reflects a very strong first quarter in 2015 as well as a surging stock price.

By comparison, the media giant CBS Corporation has a value of $30.6 billion. Netflix, who started out by only offering content produced and aired by other entities such as CBS, is now producing multiple critically acclaimed series, even winning Golden Globes.

At one point in time the Netflix founders had approached Blockbuster looking to sell the DVD by mail service to the video store rental company at a bargain basement price of $50 million. Blockbuster turned them down, thinking they could build their own mail service. This proved to be a fatal mistake, as they also faced competition from Redbox. Once Netflix began streaming, Blockbuster could no longer compete and it let to their demise. Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and closed most of their locations in 2011 and 2013. In January of 2014 they closed the last of their corporate owned stores.

Meanwhile this week Netflix stock has been trading at it’s all time high at $567.