There’s a horserace developing at Sony Pictures Entertainment after co-chairman Amy Pascal’s announcement that she will be leaving the studio’s number-one creative job. In the wake of the hacking scandal that left Sony’s inner workings wide open to the eyes and ears of a curious public, Pascal’s decision to make an early exit from the Sony brass has led to a number of front-runners under consideration for the influential and lucrative studio executive job.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, chief among those under consideration is Tom Rothman, who now works as head of Sony’s revitalized TriStar label, but is perhaps best known as the former head of the 20th Century Fox feature film division. A veteran of the film industry who, like Pascal, enjoys strong relationships with the notoriously hard-to-please top talent Sony would like to recruit for its feature films going forward.

Rothman is certainly qualified for the position, but the Sony hacking scandal that may or may not have been perpetrated by the North Korean government has left him with some questions to answer for of his own. For example, in leaked internal Sony emails that were made public during the breach, Rothman was found to have mocked superstar Will Smith and his wife Jada for their decision to homeschool their children.

Rothman was reportedly in England at the time of Pascal’s announcement of her moving toward a producer’s role at Sony, leading some industry insiders to believe he is not being considered for the job despite his current ties with the studio and reputation for deft handling of large film budgets.

Other industry executives reportedly being considered for the job include Sony’s own Jeff Robinov, formerly studio head at Warner Brothers, as well as film industry veterans Doug Belgrad and Michael DeLuca.

The new co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment will be officially announced sometime between now and May 2015, when Pascal is set to vacate her position. Be sure to check out Rothman’s website to stay updated on any news regarding the new position.

A new movie coming from Tom Rothman and Edgar Wright is going to star Ansel Elgort as a getaway driver who uses music to stay on top of his game. The getaway game is going to get much better because he is the best driver in the city. The crimes that he helps commit have not gotten him into trouble yet, but he is going to be pulled into a caper that is going to put him in danger.

This is a new story from Edgar Wright, and he is going to work with Sony Pictures and TriStar Productions. There are many films floating around Hollywood, but this is the first film that Rothman is going to make with his new venture at Sony. TriStar Productions was founded to make TV and movies. However, this is the first film that is coming from this new studio.

The movie could make TriStar into a company that will be able to produce major motion pictures for many years to come. Rothman made a great deal of money for Fox Films, and now he will be able to make Ansel Elgort into an action star who can come over from a place like to The Fault In Our Stars to a place where he is shot at and involved in car chases.

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Forty-six year old film industry pioneer John Textor is a graduate of Wesleyan University. He holds a BA (Bachelor-of-Arts) degree in Economics. He received this decorated achievement in 1987. In 1997 John and his partner co-founded Florida-based Company, Wyndcrest Holdings. The company is an industry forerunner in Internet, entertainment and telecommunication. It’s a privately-held enterprise and Textor is the company’s managing partner. This doesn’t end his journey in the film industry. John ventured into children’s production in 1999 when he joined the board of directors at Baby Universe Inc. and its parent company.

Florida-based company Baby Universe, Inc. is an online retail brand that specializes in children’s products. In 2002, John briefly chaired the company and ranked up to a CEO (Chief-Executive-Officer) role in 2005. John’s executive experience included chairing and managing the affairs of Sims Snowboards as well. He served Michael Swerdlow Companies where he assumed a corporate finance and strategic planning role. John is Virtual Trust Company founding director.

In 2006, Textor assumed a CEO and chairman roles of the parent enterprise Digital Domain Media-Group and its subsidiary, Digital Domain. He’s managed the affairs of both companies, including a merger and acquisition to Digital Domain Media-Group. Both companies have a shared history in film production and have done over eighty large-scale projects. They’re the complex minds behind legendary films such as Transformers, Real Steal among other masterpieces. Textor attributed to the success of twenty-five films done by both brands. John’s elaborate success as a CEO of both enterprise includes CLIO advertising awards and an award for Visual Effects in 2009. The film “The-Curious-Case of Benjamin Button” became the industry’s first noted production for a believable digital-human actor. At the 2009 Academy Awards presentation, the film producers received an award for this noted achievement.

John chairs Pulse Evolution Corporation; a company focused on digital film production using CGI (computer-generated imagery). He assumed this role after an incredible journey managing Digital Domain duo. In May 2014, John became Pulse Entertainment’s chairman. He has played a primal role in managing the company’s affairs since its establishment in October 2013. John assumes a key role in strategic/venue partnership, brand acquisition among other finance-oriented projects. His critically acclaimed productions, including his Billboard-worthy art story emulating the king-of-pop Michael Jackson. He has productions of Marilyn Monroe, Tupac Shakur and Elvis Presley as well. His virtual arty story at the 2014-BBMA (Billboard Music Awards) has become a phenomenon in cyberspace.

You can also see some of John’s work on Vimeo.  Great place to go to get a feel for what he’s done.