FreedomPop has recently expanded their services to the UK, and people over there are going crazy over the chance to use a free mobile service. FreedomPop already had a great deal of popularity from all that it had been doing in the United States, and now it is growing larger as it expands out not only to the UK, but it is planning to move beyond that, as well.

There are many reasons why someone would like FreedomPop on androidauthority, and one of the reasons is that it is free or super cheap, depending on the plan that one gets. No matter how many upgrades are made to the plan it is still affordable. And now people in the UK can appreciate that just as much as people in the United States have been all along.

It is said on The Telegraph that about half of the subscribers of FreedomPop’s service pay for their subscription, and that is enough to keep the business going. The founder knew what he was doing when he made this company, and many people have been very happy with him for what he has done.

So, while there are many other mobile services in the UK, FreedomPop is sure to gain popularity quickly because of how unique it is. This service differs from everything else out there, and there is so much to love about it. Many people have taken advantage of the chance to use the free service, already, and many more will soon do that, as well, when they find out about it and how great it is.

This article which was released on Digital Trends talks about FreedomPop expansion to the UK. FreedomPop has already made a huge dent in the mobile data market with its freemium service. It has proven to be a hit in the United States. Now, they are going global after partnering with KPN. They are going to be servicing Germany, UK, Spain, France and other countries. FreedomPop has recently opened its alpha test. FreedomPop’s subscriber plans includes a free plan which offers 200 minutes, 200 SMS and free data worth 200MB. This is a good start for people who want to have a phone plan on a budget.

There are other plans that offer more for the user at a price. There is a Premium 1GB plan that cost $13 USD per month. At the same time, people could sign up for a trial with the same amount of data if they are alpha testers. They could also get 1000 messages along with SMS. They also get free voicemail. The one thing that is not clear is whether or not the data speed is 4G LTE. When a user exceeds the allowance, FreedomPop charges the user 1p for every extra MB he uses.

Those who sign up for the alpha test will have to pay $3 USD for shipping. There is also an extra charge for the feature which is known as Premium Voice. Alpha Testers from have the choice of their own phone numbers. In other words they will not have the phone number automatically issued when they signed up.

The CEO has stated that there are going to be more international markets added to the services of FreedomPop. As of right now, the company is working out all of the kinks and the bugs so that it can bring the service to the other countries in the world. The current plan is to add 8 new markets to the plan of FreedomPop.

For the average user of mobile phone, the plans that FreedomPop offer may not be enough. Even some of the plans that other networks offer at a higher price do not offer a lot for the user. For moderate users of mobile data services, FreedomPop offers a lot of advantages that they will appreciate. They get a satisfactory amount of coverage at a very low price that they can afford on a monthly basis. got the scoop that freemium mobile developer FreedomPop would be allaying any thoughts of selling the company. CEO Stephen Stokols, leader of the LA based startup company, said that it would be ‘premature to sell’ at the moment. Stokols went on to say that the company has big goals for the future, including an 18 month plan that would turn FreedomPop into a billion dollar business. Along the way the company will need some help and it looks like they are already starting to see some action.

In the Series B round we saw Partech Ventures lead a group of investors toward FreedomPop. ALong with DCM Capital and Mangrove CApital, an additional $30 million dollars in funding have made it to FreedomPops account. Along with contributions from Atomico (seeded by Skype founded Niklas Zennstom) the team at FreedomPop is looking at almost $50 million raised in the past three years. This number is nicely sized but pales in comparison to their goal outreach.

FreedomPop is turning the corner on 1 million total subscribers to their network and with this mark looming the team has decided to push things into overdrive. Stephen Stokols knows that the company still has a lot to improve on, expounding on the fact that their customer service has been subpar, but he knows the proper goals when he sees them. Right now Stokols is aiming to get FreedomPop into the stores of big chain retail providers, like Wal Mart and Best Buy. Such a move could bring FreedomPop dangerously close to their billion dollar goal.

FreedomPop is a freemium mobile provider that gives customers a free allotted amount of data, talk, and text. The company makes its money by upselling other services. While not completely new, this freemium market is currently booming right now.

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