Things are moving forward to thwart a once hailed genius of hedge funds, Kyle Bass. He has become nefariously known for pulling the rug out from under Pharmaceutical companies by suing their patents to drive their stocks down after short selling them before the law suit. His bag of tricks are not working these days as they once did. He is also famous for his pre-bank meltdown era predictions. He was heralded for prophetically describing the impending 2008 subprime mortgage disaster that sunk the world into a global economic depth spiral.

As mystic, M. Night Shayamalan, once paraded about as a script writer and director of a movie called The Sixth Sense, everyone thought Kyle Bass was the modern day Wunderkind of the hedge fund rodeo. He had been booked for the market analysis talking head gig many times. Yet, from 2009 onward he has not been able to read the tea leaves with any kind of visionary accuracy.

His latest game has been to run down the Pharma companies as they file for patents on their experimental drugs that are meant to save lives and diminish the suffering of millions of afflicted patients in the world. He had formulated a method of self-enrichment by stock manipulation that he creates with patent law suits. Fortunately his Dallas headquartered Hayman Capital Management firm is striking out more often now at the quest to cancel drug patents for stock manipulation games.

The games began with the 2012 America Invents Act, which was a law that was passed to cut down on inferior patents. Bass and other clever hedge funders saw the boondoggle, launching many reviews on various drug company patents in order to trigger the short sale after a review cancels their patent. Celgene Corporation smelled a rat and asked for sanctions against Bass for scamming the system for profit through short-selling during falling stock prices.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ended the review process of two patents by Acorda Therapeutic Inc. This saved their main drug for treatment of multiple sclerosis, Ampyra, from the slash and burn routine that Kyle Bass had orchestrated. His tunes to short sell Big Pharma stock and then sue to have the patents pulled with his so called Coalition for Affordable Drugs were off key. He days of abusing the legal process of inter partes review to carry out this manipulation with the end game of making a bundle of money on stock price plunges are numbered.