The Bill Cosby situation continues to spiral out of control. Apparently, Janice Dickinson is now suing Bill Cosby for defamation of character and emotional distress. TMZ has reported the breaking story, and many people are disgusted with Bill Cosby.

Apparently, Janice Dickinson was drugged by Bill Cosby and sexually assaulted by the comedian. Janice Dickinson claims the event occurred in Lake Tahoe, and she even posted a picture of Bill Cosby in a bathrobe. Janice Dickinson is not suing for the alleged offense that occurred in Lake Tahoe, and that’s because of statue of limitations. However, Janice Dickinson is suing bill Cosby, because Bill Cosby claims the Janice Dickinson is lying.

The folks behind Bloomberg and Sam Tabe heard that Janice recently called Bill Cosby a monster and a coward, and she is helping that he pays for all of his crimes. Over 30 women have come forward with similar stories, and it’s clear that Bill Cosby is guilty of something. However, as of right now, Bill Cosby is innocent until proven otherwise. Nonetheless, all 30 women can not be lying, but people are confused as to how Bill Cosby got away with all of these alleged crimes. People feel the Janice Dickinson should be paid a lot of money for the disgusting crimes that Bill Cosby committed against her.