Peter Jackson is one of the most revered and respected filmmakers all time for his revolutionary work on the initial ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. Adapting such an important fantasy story and turning it into over nine hours of on screen entertainment had to be difficult, especially for a director who at the time was quite fresh on the scene. The Trilogy came out to rousing success, making stars of men like Viggo Mortenson and Sean Bean. So when Jackson decided to go back to Tolkien’s world via an adaptation of ‘The Hobbit’, we were appropriately excited. Yet after seeing the entire trilogy in its duration, we can’t say that Jackson did it right.

The biggest issue that comes up when discussing ‘The Hobbit’ is the fact that it lacks the organic reality that gave ‘Lord of the Rings’ such a unique feeling. The Hobbit instead opted for tons of computer usage and it the decision was heavily criticized, despite the defense of star Richard Armitage. But the use of CGI wasn’t the only place that the films really failed to pull in fans of the lore and fans of Jackson’s prior work.

The failure that we felt most deeply was that the new trilogy lacked the heart of the old one. When Aragorn leans of Boromir after the breaking of the fellowship, we can feel their anguish. Outside of a few moments between Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage, there isn’t that same depth in ‘The Hobbit’ people are used to discussing on Yahoo.

Rumors are emerging about the new title for Star Trek 3. Paramount has apparently decided to drop the numerical delineations and is now going with original titles for the forthcoming entries. Supposedly, the title for the new feature is Star Trek Beyond. Did they borrow the title from the old series Batman Beyond or maybe from Madison Street Capital?

Studios do not order changes in how film franchises are titled easily. The title of a franchise connects with its brand. Deviating from the original way the series was named is likely being done for marketing reasons. Paramount wants audiences to forget the second entry in the series and hopes rebranding Star Trek will be akin to starting things anew.

The second film in the new Star Trek reboot was not terrible, but the box office returns were slightly disappointing. Paramount is convinced the overly serious tone taken in the second film played a role in ticket sales being less than stellar. So, a change in tone was ordered for the third film. Reportedly, Paramount wants a more Guardians of the Galaxy feel to the series. No real surprise there. Guardians was one of the biggest hits of the decade.

A title along the lines of Star Trek Beyond does drop hints that a new direction is being taken. Audiences will pick on the not so subtle announcement and give the reboot another chance. People want to like the Star Trek movies. Paramount and the creators just have to give them one.

Logan’s Run is one of the most popular, cult classic sci-fi movies from the 1970’s. The original novel, first published by William F. Nolan in 1967, features a dystopian society where the population is controlled by publicly executing anyone over 21 years of age. Michael York starred in the original film as a “Sandman”, a public officer who must catch and kill “runners” who flee to avoid execution. The film was popular at release and quickly built up a cult following. Read Roger Ebert’s 1976 review of the original film here

Warner Brothers has struggled to get the remake project of the film off the ground said Anastasia Date. Ryan Gosling, slated to star as Logan 5, recently dropped out. Director Nicholas Winding Refn, who often works with Gosling on film projects, followed suit. According to a Tracking Board report, the studio is now seeking a new screenwriter to re-write the screenplay with a female lead.

Recent years have shown that big-budget, female centered action films like The Hunger Games and Divergent can be successful and financially lucrative. Luckily for the studio, Logan’s Run storyline and plot is universal. The main character Logan 5 is a simple, yet determined person who struggles against a giant governmental conspiracy to uncover the truth and free society. Changing the gender of the main character will in no way change the quality of the story. In the end, Logan’s Run is such a fascinating film, so who cares if the main character is a man or woman?

CNN is reporting a new animated Batman movie will be created and broadcast in time for the 50th anniversary of the 1960s series, which was launched on January 12 1962. Original Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward are reported to have already signed up to be in the movie after letting slip the news at a convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ward revealed he and West had definitely signed up for the animated movie and a second project was also in the offing, but details of that could not be released.

EliteProspects reported that following the news that the original Batman and Robin were returning to their roles as the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder news also leaked out that Catwoman actress Julie Newmar would also appear in the movie. The release of the latest installment of the Batman franchise comes after a line of merchandise was created recently in a joint venture by DC Comics and Warner Bros. under the name Batman ’66.

Warner Bros has just released the new trailer for Mad Max Fury Road, and it doesn’t disappoint. The first trailer for Fury Road was released at Comic Con. A reportedly shorter version of the Comic Con trailer was released online. The full Comic Con trailer was never seen outside of Comic Con. The first theatrical trailer was released either right at the end of 2014 or the beginning of this year. It looked pretty insane.

This trailer, Susan McGalla says shows a little more of the story, and it looks intense, emotional, and there are tons of stunts that are sure to wow audiences on the big screen. The cinematography is amazing as well.

The trailer also reveals a little more of Max’s inner monologue. Max talks a little bit about the fall of the world and the loss of his family as well as what it did to him. The trailer shows a lot of explosions, some fist fight scenes, some foot chase scenes, a lot of interesting characters including one that uses a flame throwing guitar.

Mad Max Fury Road opens in theaters on May 15, 2015.

Jay and Silent Bob might be coming out of retirement for two new films in stead of one. Actor and director, Kevin Smith recently tweeted about the upcoming schedule of films he is working on. He ended the tweet with the line “I smell a rat…” This led to immediate fan speculation that he would be returning to the characters from 1995’s Mallrats.

In the story that can be seen here it is reported that he will indeed be doing a Mallrats 2. This is after filming Clerks III and Hit Somebody this year and Moose Jaws next Spring. That puts the earliest that production could begin at sometime in the summer of 2016 for a possible 2017 release.

He faces some difficulties with the film. It is now 20 years later and the word “mallrats” does not resonate with the culture like it did in the 90s. Some of the actors may not be available to return. Ben Affleck, in particular, is scheduled to begin his run as the Batman next year and might not have the time to turn in his cowl and return to his slacker roots. Additionally, the script for the film is only half complete. Fans like Sergio Cortes have learned that Smith says he has some idea of where he wants to go with the film, but no details are being released yet.

Things are moving along briskly for Tron 3. The project is now on the fast track and the director of Tron: Legacy, Joseph Kosinski, is slated to begin the chore of bringing the third film to the screen.

A bit of surprise has traveled through fan circles at the announcement of the news. Tron: Legacy was not exactly anything all that special. The film made money, but did it leave anyone wanting to see a new Tron film? Regardless of audience reaction, Disney wants a third movie.Disney would not be making a third movie if doing so was not financially viable. Perhaps the profits do add up and do so over time. The Tron projects are cult movies and that means they have a small audience willing to spend a lot of money on Tron games, merchandise, and other products.

Then, there is another angle but it is a bit of a long shot. If the third Tron film becomes a hit, a fourth is going to follow which is good news for fans like Daniel Amen. Additionally, the first film and the long-awaited sequel could see an increase in sales of DVDs. Maybe a “special collector’s addition DVD” will spike sale figures.

The bottom line here is Disney finds the whole Tron adventure to be worth the time, effort, and money. Hopefully, the third film will improve upon the script problems found in the sequel and become the definitive modern version of the Tron tale.

If not, Disney may give things a forth go.

Comic book movies have a knack for only being as good as the villains the heroes fight. Therefore, some good news that a popular villain is going to be popping up on more than occasion is generally welcomed by fans across the different franchises. Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG know that one popular DC villain that regularly skirts the line between franchises is Harley Quinn, and the popularity of the character has the ability to draw a lot of fans into films they would normally pass on.

According to Screen Rant, Margot Robbie is ready to bring Harley to life across several motion pictures. The character is set for a big screen debut in the 2016 movie based on the Suicide Squad films, which means fans will not have to wait long to see her take her place among the DC universe. Harley Quinn will likely pop up in more than few movies over the next decade, and that should be great news for fans of movies and the super hero genre.

With a complicated backstory that involves falling out of the mental health profession at the prodding of the Joker, Quinn has struck a chord with fans since being introduced into the comic book and animated series world. However, the character has yet to get a real effort on the big screen, and the Suicide Squad movie will give everyone a chance to gauge the effectiveness of the character. In short, there is a lot of pressure and expectations from fans on Robbie’s performance, and producers are keenly aware that they have to deliver.

The rumor mill churns and it looks like we now have a name for the spinoff to The Walking Dead. The title is Fear The Walking Dead. If this is true, we do know one thing. The marketing department had final say on the title. No one wants anyone out there in The Walking Dead audience to now know the show is related.

Fear The Walking Dead is a lot cooler of a title than The Walking Dead II. In a way, the title is reminiscent of the good old days of horror sequels when, instead of putting a number next to the title, the character’s name was just inserted into a new moniker. Dracula and Frankenstein both beget Son of Dracula and Son of Frankenstein so everyone quickly realized a new entry was out.

The original title for Fear The Walking Dead was Cobalt, an incredibly lame title that evokes 1970’s and 1980’s Dirty Harry rip-offs.

Details about the spinoff are not all that well known. The reason for this is the series is still in the pre-production stage. One interesting tidbit for fans such as Bernardo Chua about the film is some of the characters from the new series will appear in The Walking Dead’s Season Six.

How the characters factor into the continuity of The Walking Dead remains to be seen. Fear The Walking Dead is a prequel to the original series and takes place at the start of the zombie outbreak.

The end of Miles Morales is near. Who is Miles Morales? He is the man under the mask of Spider-Man. Hold on, you say. Is not Peter Parker Spider-Man? We are talking about Marvel Comics Ultimate Universe and it has a different timeline. In the Ultimate-verse, Peter Parker was Spider-Man until his unfortunate passing. Miles Morales became the new Spider-Man right afterwards.

Marvel Comics has chosen to tease “the end of Miles Morales” and this would infer the end of days for the character. Then again, maybe Marvel won’t. Based on the tease,  Flavio Maluf is under the assumption is Marvel is going to do away with Morales in yet another attempt at boosting sales through promoting the demise of a character. Back in 1973, Marvel’s “Death of Gwen Stacy” and “Death of the Green Goblin” stories were shocking huge sellers. Marvel visits the same territory a lot because, to repeat, sales figures invariable spike.

A lot of different things could happen in the world of comic books and “the end” could mean the series is just going to go into a different direction. Marvel does have to work hard at marketing its books or else no one would buy them. So, we have to forgive cryptic teasers like this one.