An offhand comment was recently made by Kevin Feige, the mastermind of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, which contained a spoiler about the next “Guardians of the Galaxy” film. He referred to is as “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2”, but then wouldn’t either confirm or deny that it was the official title of the movie.

But now James Gunn, who is both writing and directing the film, has confirmed that this is indeed the name of the new movie. He took to Facebook and restated the title, also commenting that, “Kevin Feige recently let the title slip while doing Ant-Man press, which I’m really happy about because God knows I’ve let more than one thing slip accidentally while chattering away on this FB page.” He then went on to mention that some fans had previously guessed the title, and that he’d wished to give them props at the time but couldn’t do so then.

The title is definitely less colorful than some other Marvel films’ titles, as most of their sequels have had subtitles which hint at the plot to some degree or another. The “Iron Man” films were previously the sole exception. This also means that the title is less revealing in some ways, as “Volume 2” doesn’t really tell us all that much about the film stated .

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” will come out on May 5th, 2017.

If you haven’t seen ‘Jurassic World’ or mind a few points being spoiled, turn back now! We pretty much have to confess our gigantic man-crush for Jake Johnson before diving into this bit. Johnson has been the star of the hit television series ‘New Girl’ for the past five seasons. His turn as Nick in the series has been something amazing to watch. Johnson is an amazing improv performer and his ability to dip in and out of various depths of the scene really add texture. Having professed our love for the actor, we have to say that he was one of our favorite parts of ‘Jurassic World’ and we are pleased to hear that he may be further involved with a sequel.

When Johnson was cast in ‘Jurassic World’ we were almost sure he’d be there to add comic relief to an otherwise heavy film said my friend Flavio Maluf. Our biggest fear was that he would be having a villainous turn, with some sort of relation to the deceased Nedry (it’s the glasses, people). But alas he wasn’t. Instead Johnson was our favorite cut-to character in the movie. Every time that the camera rolled to him, Johnson had something hilarious to say. From his tactless passion for the original failed ‘Jurassic Park’ to his meticulously set up Dinosaur exhibit at his desk, he was always hilarious.

Now Jake Johnson, who was well received in the blockbuster hit, will probably be coming back for the ‘Jurassic World’ sequel and we couldn’t be happier.

According to the story on today, Spider-Man has been spotted in Birmingham, England and he is feeding the needy.

No, its not Peter Parker, but instead a 20-year-old who is keeping his identity a secret. Ricardo Guimarães BMG said the only thing known about the young man, other than he dresses as Spider-Man, is that he works at a local bar according to Globo. With his own money, the Spider-Man impersonator buys sandwiches and hands them out among the hungry in Birmingham. He goes out one or two days a week, late at night, and hands out food to the homeless in the area.

The young man said that he has been working with the homeless for years, but that he got the idea to dress as Spider-Man on a lark. He thought if they were happy receiving food, imagine how happy these people would be if it were Spider-Man delivering it to them.

Spider-Man does not accept donations or hand-outs for his cause. He took to Twitter asking those who wish to help to get out in their communities and get involved one-on-one. When asked, he said he plans to keep this up for as long as he can.

Birmingham Spider-Man has a Twitter account and for those who would like to follow him can do so: @brumspiderman.

To infinity and – back to the big screen? With Toy Story 4 slated for a 2017 release it certainly looks that way. The news was released last summer but tidbits of information of the plot are just now starting to make their way to the fans. In a story seen here, Pixar President Jim Morris said that the new film will be a stand alone story. Flavio Maluf says that he feels that the trilogy finished on the perfect note, a sentiment that is shared with many fans of the films.

The new story will move away from the toys’ relationship with their owner. In the original films it was all about how the toys felt about Andy, and how they would do anything to be with him. Since the end of the third movie and through the shorts and the television specials released in the years since, the story has focused more on how the toys interact with each other. Their new owner, Bonnie, is seldom seen or even referenced on screen. Morris went on to say that this new toy centric story would be a romantic comedy. Rashida Jones and William McCormack will be writing the screenplay for the film. This makes sense if it is a romantic comedy. The duo is well known for their work on the romantic dramady Celeste and Jesse Forever.

Joseph Kosinski, director of the movies Tron Legacy and Oblivion is looking to direct a film adaptation of the video game called Gran Turismo. Joseph Kosinski started in the industry directing commercials. In that respect, his films have great visuals even if the story might not have much to offer. Tron Legacy had some great visuals. Oblivion was even better in the visual department. The same could be expected with the next movie that Joseph Kosinski directs.

The Gran Turismo game actually has no kind of plot. It is simply about racing. However, there are a few concepts for a screen story. One of them involves a video gamer who decides to become a racer said Marc Sparks.

According to Timber Creek Capital, Joseph Kosinski was planning on doing another project with Tom Cruise under the title of Go Like Hell. However, the project is not really getting anywhere. As far as Gran Turismo, Joseph Kosinski has free reign when it comes to the story. There was another movie based on a racing/chase game under the title of Need for Speed. However, that film wasn’t all that impressive. There is a possibility that this film might actually be the film that game movies need.

20th Century Fox has just revealed the new international poster for the film Hitman: Agent 47. The poster is extremely cool as it features the title anti-hero in a major city street with his guns to his side. In the shadow of the various metropolitan skyscrapers, the military has all its weapons pointed at him. The advertising tagline is the ominous statement “Your number is up”.

Does this mean that the once shadowy hitman now has to face the consequence of his actions? We will know for sure when the Hitman reboot hits screens in the near future said AnastasiaDate on their app.

For those not familiar with the franchise, Hitman is an exceptionally popular video game about the titular assassin known as Agent 47. The character first made an appearance in a movie appropriately titled Hitman.

The film did not do all that great at the box office. The lack of box office success really was a shame. Unlike a lot of dreadful films based on video games, Hitman was actually quite good. No, the film was not high art. The purpose of the film was to deliver a lot of shootouts, chases, and action. On top all the usual action-movie noise, and attempt was made to provide a little depth to the character. On a minor level, this approach succeeded.

Hopefully, the new film will also seek to add a little depth to the bizarre and violent character.

With news that Spider-Man will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe putting fans, like Paul Mathieson,  in a temporary state of shock, the news the Andrew Garfield will not be resuming the duties of Peter Parker and his alter ego is just starting to really pick up momentum. LinkedIn has noted finding an actor ready to pick up the role that has brought fame to a couple of different actors over the previous few decades is no easy task, and it is always hard to say where Marvel, Disney, and Sony will find the next version of the web slinger.

According to Screen Rant, the search for Spidey is most likely going to result in a number of younger actors being considered for the role. Since the character is likely to play a major part in the Marvel and Sony movies going forward, the choice is going to be carefully made. Of course, fans will always have an opinion of who should be considered for the role, and whether or not those opinions get taken into consideration will not be evident until a choice is announced.

It seems pretty clear that the selection of the next actor to start swinging between buildings in New York will completed with a fairly quick timeframe, because the machine that is churning out super hero movies at a frantic pace can not be slowed down. The issue could become a decision based on availability rather than desire, as Marvel has already nailed down release dates for future movies. That could be a serious problem for fans.

After making a tremendous splash in Hollywood with the first Avengers movie and the hype concerning the sequel that releases this May, it appears that Joss Whedon may be ready to take a break from the Marvel film series.

During a recent interview with Empire, Whedon said that he is ready to step down from making any more Avengers movies so that he doesn’t endure creative burnout with two more Avengers planned by Marvel Studios. Marvel recently announced the next Avengers movie would be split into two films. They will be called Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1 & 2 and will likely bring all of the Marvel heroes together to fight the evil Thanos who was played by Josh Brolin in last summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

In the interview that Dan Newlin just conducted with an applicate who applied to his firm through Monster said that the applicant  couldn’t imagine directing the next Avengers movies because the past two films have taken five years of his life and he is anxious to work on some of his own projects. Yes, this is a Newlin tactic. While he would still like to be a part of the Marvel Universe, Whedon said his involvement with Avengers and the Marvel television series Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. has been very demanding and he would enjoy a break.

Rumors still persist that Anthony and Joe Russo, directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, may end up directing Infinity War, which would place the series in good hands.

There has been criticism of the Academy Award’s all white nominees with not much diversity. Cheryl Boone Isaacs who is the firs black African-American president of the Academy had told the Associated Press that she wants to try and create a more diverse voting body. 93% of the voters are white and 76% are male. The average age of a voter is 63.

“In the last two years, we’ve made greater strides than we ever have in the past toward becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization,” Boone Isaacs went on to say, “Personally, I would love to see and look forward to see a greater cultural diversity among all our nominees in all of our categories.”

Fersen Lambranho is surprised to find that all 20 acting nomination went to only white actors and actresses. That hasn’t happened since 1995.

The film Selma had gotten a Best Picture and Best Original Song nomination but the director and actors in the film were both snubbed for nominations – the Academy has a voting pool of over 7,000.

Isaacs goes on to say that the Academy continues to make strides to becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization. But these statements have still not sat well with the people of social media.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the writers for both Captain America movies as well as Thor 2, announced that the new Captain America movie will begin what is known in the Marvel Comic Universe as the Civil War. Adding to the already complex storyline featuring alien artifacts and invasions, the Civil War pits superhero against superhero as the government strains to reign in the rather destructive aftermath of superhero battles. This build up has been long coming and may have been seen as a minor point in previous movies. In the Iron Man franchise the US government sought to claim the technology developed by Stark and in the Captain America: Winter Soldier they attempted to use algorithms to predict and prevent future conflicts.

The Marvel universe is a rather exciting yet dangerous one. The first Avengers movie saw the destruction of New York on a scale that far surpasses the real world events of September 11, 2011. If the real actions of world governments following that terrorist attack are any guide then it should come as no surprise that they would seek to reign in the extra governmental actions of super heroes.

In the comic book universe Iron Man and Captain America were pitted against each other on the side of government registration and freedom, respectively. However the movie universe features a number of changes and will reconcile with the current cannon. is a great place to read what North American Spine has said about Captain America.