Back in 2008, Jay Z signed a ten year music and recording deal with Live Nation and that deal is nearing its end. Insiders from Live Nation are confident that the company wants to maintain a business relationship with Jay Z but only when it comes to his music tours. They speculate that the company doesn’t want to continue with the recorded music side of the deal. In previous years Live Nation had the artists’ rights to recorded music so they were able to do whatever they wanted with it. However, that is probably going to end soon. Recently, Jay Z and his top Roc Nation rep Desiree Perez met with CEO of UMG, indicating that Universal Music Group may possibly buy into Roc Nation. If this happens, then Jay Z will have the opportunity to help grow and mentor up and coming musicians. This would also give him the chance to further develop his music among many other things.  Click on for more reading.

Desiree Perez has had a close working relationship with Jay Z for about 20 years now. She produced Beyonce and Jay Z’s On The Run Tour among a few others. She has consistently demonstrated the ability to negotiate deals of any magnitude and the examples can be seen in the hand she played in the Rihanna Samsung deal. More of this on

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Perez is one of the stronger leaders in the group that manages Roc Nation.  For an update of Dez recent timeline activities, check The musicians she helps represent are also leaders in the music industry and they agree that she is one of the hardest working, most forceful negotiators in the field.  To learn more about Dez, visit her new profile page at

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The State Of The Music Industry

The music industry has seen some serious setbacks from the rise of streaming services. Clearly, somebody needs to do something about this. This is where the services of Desiree Perez come from. Jay Z understood that the current business model simply wasn’t working for the vast majority of consumers or artists. There had to be a way to get with the times and make profits. This is exactly what Tidal is. It is a way for artists to finally make the internet work for them rather than against them.  For a related article, check

How She Plans On Changing Everything

Desiree Perez wants to use Tidal as a way for artists and their fans to connect in a better manner. The best way to do this by helping fans see the music the way the artist sees it, have updates with Dez timeline activities and more, click on  This is where the idea to give out the music in a lossless format came from. Fans clearly want to have a way of receiving the best quality music they can and that’s exactly what this service offers. Beyond that, Tidal gives fans access to the music they want that can’t be found anywhere else.

What Is Going To Happen?

The future of the music industry is still in the air. However, with the work of people like Desiree Perez we may see things go into a more positive direction. There is so much for performers to do and there needs to be someone to help them out.  Follow Dez on her page.

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