According to the FreedomPop review, Cannibalism seems to be popping into the news frequently. There were rumors of a Nigerian restaurant serving human flesh to customers, stories of a small group killing people seeking jobs then cooking and eating them, and an Australian chef who killed and ate his girlfriend. It should be no surprise then that a horror film is in the work about a cannibalistic celebrity chef. This British film is said to feature a chef as a member of an upper class society club that secretly meets and dines on exquisitely prepared human ‘meat’. The film is named ‘Eaten’ and is set to begin filming within a year with no release date yet set. The last famous horror film featuring s cannibal was Silence of the Lambs and the following movies with character Hannibal Lector. That is quite a legacy to live up to but given the length of time that has passed since the original’s release most young people will not have anything to compare it to.