There are many types of facilities that are there to help clients with their finances. One of the common types of financial help that people get are from money managers. They are the ones that take the funds and put them in portfolios. These types of firms are focused on the performance of the investment. One thing that the money manager does is put the money in the market with the hopes of outperforming it. Often times, the money is lost because they have made some bad investments because money managers are chasing performance and returns. Even in the case of some big gains, there is something lacking from the money manager.

This is where HCR Wealth Advisors can come in. Their focus is on relationships. They take some time to get to know their client. They ask about the client when it comes to many different aspects of their lives. Among the important pieces of information they learn about their clients is their needs, their income, their expenses, their financial goals and plenty of other pieces of information that are important to coming up with a good plan.

According to the Daily Forex Report, one good thing about the relationship-oriented approach to this financial assistance is that the client is made to feel like he is a part of the whole process. He is not made to feel like they are just going to take their money and do different things with it. Even though they have more experience with money and the markets than the client does, they are not going to act as if they know everything and the client can’t do anything. They will actually let the client know what can be done in order to improve his finances and reach goals of financial independence. Contact HCR Wealth on Twitter or on Facebook.

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When people learn about Ryan Seacrest beyond what they see on the shows he hosts, they are going to see someone who is a true inspiration. He has overcome a lot and works well in spite of some of the disadvantages he has. While a lot of people admire him for his physique, he will tell people that he used to struggle with his weight as a child. He used to be teased for being a little bit heavier. However, he has put in a lot of effort to get in shape, and he has worked very hard to keep himself in shape.

Ryan Seacrest, the producer and TV host, also revealed that he has ADD. Among the people he talked to about ADD is Kanye West. Among the different things that Ryan Seacrest has talked about was meditation. This was when he has admitted to being distracted easily. While a lot of people look at ADD as something that is a disorder, a lot of people who have made a lot of progress in life had ADD or ADHD. ADD and other variants are a challenge to deal with. Those that manage to find a way to thrive even with these disorders are going to make a lot of progress and be an encouragement to others.

Ryan Seacrest has a lot of achievements as per Forbes and even empathy when it comes to dealing with people. As a host and someone who interviews stars, he is someone who is eager to listen to people. While he also has a fun side, he is mostly very productive. He is also willing to give people the secret to success when it comes to responding to emails. One thing that he says that works for him the best is saying “got it”. Ryan has accomplished a lot in his lifetime, and he has a lot more ahead for him.

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Betsy DeVos is one of the leading voices in education today. Despite some of the opposition that she received, she is the type of person who can change education for the better. Not only does Betsy DeVos care about others, but she is also looking for ways to advance the cause of her work. Over time, she has proven to truly care about making a positive impact in the local community. A lot of people look up to her today for her charity work. There is some incorrect information going around that Betsy DeVos wants to overturn the bathroom bill that gave transgender people the right to go to any bathroom they want. This is not true, and she is working to set the record straight. Because of some of her other beliefs, there are a lot of people who are trying to go out and make her look bad to others.

Betsy DeVos

From the time she started in education, Betsy DeVos has been the type of person who wants to make a positive impact in the lives of others. She truly cares about other people, and that is evident in a variety of positions that she takes. She wants to give more power to people at the local level to make decisions in a way that benefits them. Not only that, but she truly cares about helping others in the way that she sees fit. Over time, she has proven to truly care the people that she is impacting. That is why her charity work is among the most numerous in the industry. Not only does she truly care about the work that she is doing, but she wants to empower people as well. Check this article from


Betsy DeVos has given a lot of time and money to charity over the years. Not only that, but she knows that the work that she is doing for education in this country can make a positive impact for years to come. There are a lot of people who look up to her hard work in the field. Not only that, but they believe that taking her approach to education policy in this country will pay off in a big way. There are a lot of people who want to work with her on the ideas that she has for a better future. Not only that, but Betsy DeVos is going to continue to invest in the local communities where she believes there is a lot of growth opportunity. She is great example of the impact that one person can make on an industry or in the world around us today.

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Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary conventional journal which is accessed freely. The journal publishes weekly issues online whereby every paper or issue can be printed for other purposes. Our central goal is to make scientific outcomes quickly and generally accessible. That enables augmenting of the effect of research through insightful review permitting extraordinary discoveries to get shared easily. Another objective is to wipe out the gap between specialties while interfacing the diverse fields of biomedical science. More so, the journal encourages utilizations of essential and clinical science in fighting diseases.

Under the authority of the most conspicuous researchers, the journal helps all scientists add to the progressing of science. The ultimate goal of Oncotarget is to ensure people live without diseases, whilst, the achievement of Oncotarget has prompted to launching of different sections beyond oncology. Oncotarget is a week by week peer-assessed medical journal covering research on different parts of oncology. The journal was built up in 2010 and publishing is conducted by Impact Journals with Mikhail Blagosklonny & Andrei V as the chief editors.

The peer-reviewed journal that is published by Impact Journals, focuses on the potential therapy targets, pathological basis of different cancers and treatment protocols applied to boost the management of cancer victims. Likewise, the journal concentrates on the effect of new therapeutic agents, management programs and protocols on patients’ perspectives like adherence, satisfaction and quality of lives. Oncotarget explores the evidences behind the existing and new therapies in matters of improving results and more importantly, seeks in defining their usage in terms of optimum uptake and including acceptance by patient & healthcare professionals.

Oncotarget’s mission is to make results of scientific studies widely and rapidly accessible while optimizing the effect of research through perceptive review. The journal ensures exceptional discoveries are shared fast while eradicating the border between different fields. With Oncotarget, linking of various biomedical science fields has become easier while it has enabled fostering of basic & advanced knowledge in fighting diseases. Under the management of most recognized scientists, Oncotarget assists all researchers to contribute to the advance of science while ensuring fighting diseases in life is the key goal. The journal’s success has prompted the launching of different sections beyond oncology and Oncotarget is still making a major impact.

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If there is one thing that seems to be avoided more than anything else its chores. No one likes to spend their entire day cleaning house, let alone the cleaning that comes when winter has finally lifted. Everyone shrugs and moans when winter has faded to spring because they know at some point they will have to dust the cobwebs away and make the house fresh and light to welcome back the sun and warmer days.

Why clean yourself and take away from what could be a beautiful day outdoors? Now, there is Handy, a company that places several professional cleaners in the palm of your hand. Handy, a cleaning company that is very similar to Homejoy has provided nearly one million cleaning jobs across the country. Simply download the app to find your next cleaner. It doesn’t have to be for spring cleaning, and it can be for all sorts of jobs around the house, hence the name Handy. The company has hard working individuals and places them with people who need services done. There is no easier and faster way to clean your home, than to install the app and have a professional cleaner from Handy come over and do the job for you.

Cleaning is always something that seems to be put off till later. With Handy, there are no more excuses for not getting your spring cleaning done, or that closet reorganized. offers services all over the United States as well as a few cities in Canada and England. The company is growing, and people are ready to work for you.

Most cleaners average $18 an hour which is a great price for the hard work they do, so it is affordable for everyone. Check out to schedule a professional house cleaner to get your spring cleaning done so you can spend more time doing what you want.

On December 30, 2015, President of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, appeared on CNBC’s morning Squawk Box. The discussion that day was our beloved “penny.” It is felt that the expense of producing the penny outweighs its use. Diehl claims that the penny is not used anymore.

In other words, the old saying, “A penny for your thoughts” will have to be rewritten. The price for our thoughts has just gone up .04 cents per “thought”. It will have to be changed to “A nickel for your thoughts.” Somehow it loses something as the price increases.

Diehl claims that if you bend down to pick up a penny on the street today, you are getting paid less than minimum wage. Economists believe that by removing the penny from circulation will distort prices and possibly press inflation. Diehl contends that 25% of purchases are cash-based, and approximately 75% of purchases are done electronically. Therefore, very few purchases are affected by the elimination of a penny. Diehl also feels that businesses would round-down their prices. This statement can only be proven if and when we say “good-bye to the penny.” Many shoppers feel the sellers would round-up the product price, rather than round-down.

The savings to the American people when the coin is eliminated is $105 million dollars annually. The penny was once made of copper, but today the formula for this coin is 97.5 percent zinc. The penny blanks are outsourced, and of course, the actual stamping of the pennies are stamped by the United States Mint. It will be interesting to hear what will happen to all the jars and piggy banks full of pennies all over America? Containers full of pennies sitting in closets, collecting dust in the basements of homes?

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of America’s largest private distributors of gold, U.S. government issued gold, along with silver and platinum. U.S. Money Reserve team are highly trained in coin research and numismatology. Their staff are experts in their field and provide superior customer service.

Give U.S. Money Reserve a call when you are ready to review your long term security. Gold has proven to supersede any investment being offered on the market today when you are looking for a return on your investment. U.S. Money Reserve believes gold should be a major part of your portfolio of investments. Call U.S. Money Reserve to see which gold investment is right for you. Dial 1-866-MINT GOLD and get connected with a specialist.

An impersonator is regarded as an individual who imitates the actions of another person. Such impersonator may be undertaken in different forms such as copying of looks, character or even talent. A large number of impersonators are well versed in the skill of imitation. The other groups of impersonators are regarded as fanatics who idolize celebrities. Some of the impersonators have talents that match up with their idols where as others look like their idols.
Michael Jackson is the second most impersonated personality after Elvis. His sudden death was a big blow to the entertainment industry. Prior to his death, he had amassed a large following globally. Continent after continent mourned the death of the musical legend that had brought smiles to people with his music. Impersonators decided to keep his memories alive by dressing up; dancing and singing his songs. One great impersonator of Michael Jackson is Sergio Cortes.
Sergio Cortes is known resembles Michael Jackson in almost every way. With a high number of hits on you tube and twitter, Sergio is the perfect replica of the late king of pop. He was born and raised in Barcelona. The resemblance between him and Michael Jackson is close. Sergio sounds like Michael’s singing voice. Just like Michael, Sergio can hit the high notes.
Sergio’s stage name is Sergio Jackson. He has done remakes of Michael’s Music videos. Sergio is well known and loved by South American fans for his outstanding performance. He has the energy and agility that Michael had when he was singing his songs. Sergio has performed nearly all of Michael’s songs. Social media is not big in South America but that has not stopped him from registering many fans in the United States of America. He has plans of expanding his popularity through world tours.
Sergio evokes memories of the pop singer with his electrifying performances .His YouTube videos are watched all over and his ratings are high. His remarkable talent and resemblance to Jackson has played a major role in boosting his popularity. To date, Sergio has done performances in a number of cities in South America.
The entertainment world is quickly embracing the skills of Cortes. He is yet to conquer the world but he is definitely on his way there. A number of people believe that if Michael Jackson were alive today, he would be proud of Cortes. Cortes is not going away anytime soon and the world has a lot more to see and experience from him.

What is a business woman? What is the first thought that comes to your mind? It’s possible that you look up to a business woman as a sort of role model. They might even be related to you. Business women are a wonderful accoutrement to the industry. They are natural acrobats since they usually have to balance home life and work life but that’s what makes them the jewel in any company’s crown. They can fast track any company into riches and popularity by being creative, ambitious, and confident. They have twice the passion as business men.

They’re trailblazers and if I had to choose one to be at the head of the pack I would select, Susan McGalla. She’s well known for her work with American Eagle Outfitters. She helped them skyrocket by introducing new products such as a kid’s line. Her strategic know how is what sets her apart. Once her work was done at American Eagle Outfitters she moved onto the football scene. More specifically she works with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her work is so great I wish she could be hired to work with my team, the Green Bay Packers! She really is the business woman to keep an eye on. She was featured in Forbes’ because of her great work with American Eagle Outfitters. They referred to the company as a “cash cow”.

There are many other business women just as great as Susan McGalla if not greater. For example: Hillary Clinton, Mary Kay Ash, and Oprah Winfrey. All these women have independence in common. They have a firm self belief and that is what helps them move forward to the cream of the crop. It seems that I’ve only mentioned ambition as the only prerequisite to become a successful business woman but that’s not it at all. There are so many other factors but the one that has to go hand in hand with ambition would be networking. Like they say, “it’s not what you know but who you know.” and in the business industry that couldn’t be more spot on. I’d have to say that should be the motto for anyone looking to go into the business industry. Networking is a powerful thing and first impressions become a whole lot more than just hoping you don’t spill anything on your white shirt. A lasting friendship built through networking can help not just yours but others companies prosper. It can also help weed out any sort of competition you might have in whatever field you happen to be involved in.

I do hope this insight into the wonder that is a business woman encourages you to re-think your career path and join the gratifying world of business. I dedicate this article to all the future Susan McGalla’s of the world.

Credible in Every Way
Sam Tabar has indeed earned a reputation for having strong ethics and being a credible in all aspects of his career. He is a New York-based Attorney. He is also a financial strategist. This is an individual who can be counted on and fully trusted to provide ethical services. Mr. Tabar has an impressive background that has proven to be well-rounded and ethical. These are qualities that are needed in the area of law and finances. He is an admired and respected attorney and capital strategist.

Graduated from Oxford with Honors
Sam Tabar did graduate from Oxford. He did indeed graduate with honors. He is a highly intelligent man with an education history that reveals his hard work and dedication toward his education. His commitment has been solid and diligent. After his graduation from Oxford University, Mr. Tobar then went to Columbia Law School. He was very active at Columbia. He served as Associate Editor of the Columbia Law Review. This is a highly educated person who strives to excel in every aspect of his life including his strong education.

Sound Investing Advice
Hedge funds and investing advice is an area of expertise for Sam Tabar. He is an expert and does offer sound investing advice. He is also a solid supporter of Thinx. This is a startup company. It supports women in Africa and America. Mr. Tobar has a notable career that does show his commitment and knowledge in providing sound investing advice. The following are some of his career offerings and past services. These include:
*Skadden, Arps, Slaterm, Meagher & Flom LLP
*SPARX Group Co/PMA Investment Advisors
*Bank of America Merrill Lynch
*Adanac LLC, BVI
*Roth and Zabell LLP

A Man of Integrity
Sam Tabar is a man of integrity. He is an attorney with high ethical standards. He is well educated and offers much to society in many ways including providing trustworthy advice in areas of finance. He speaks fluent French and English. He can also speak Japanese. Mr. Tabar offers integrity freely and is an individual who can be fully trusted to have the knowledge and skills to make solid contributions in many areas of business, law, and financial matters.

The Atlanta Hawks have been owned by Bruce Levenson since 2004. In the time that Levenson has owned the team, Atlanta has become a steady fixture in the middle of the Eastern Conference playoff race. With quality drafting and decent free agency pick ups the team has managed to fit together a competitor in most years. Now the Atlanta Hawks have been sold to a Grant Hill/Tony Ressler combination for an astounding $850 million dollars. Coming off of their most successful season in years Atlanta will be hoping to replicate that quality level of play. However, things won’t be easy as the Eastern Conference starts to take shape for the 2015 – 2016 season.

Last season the Atlanta Hawks rode a ball movement based offense in order to climb the Eastern Conference ladder and win 60 games. The Hawks went into the playoffs underrated thanks to their style of play and they made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals where the team was promptly swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Al Horford struggled mightily in this series and he was ultimately shut down by the harder working Tristan Thompson. After getting swept in a series against the underwhelming Cavaliers roster, fans were right to wonder just what was going on with their team.

So the offseason came around and Atlanta immediately started making some moves. They dealt a few players away and let Demarre Carroll sign elsewhere in free agency. Carroll broke out in the playoffs to lead the team in scoring while playing elite defense at the swing position. In his place the Hawks will try to patch up the spot with guys like Tim Hardaway Jr and Lamar Patterson while Thabo Sefolosha recovers from an injury. This is a huge and immediate downgrade that will have serious repercussions on the rest of the team.

Fortunately Atlanta did get busy with acquiring veteran big man Tiago Splitter. Splitter has helped the Spurs offense and defense down low for the last couple of years and the big man looks ready to take a bigger bite of playing time in Atlanta. With the Hawk’s Mike Scott getting in drug trouble, Splitter might just have earned himself a solid spot in the rotation.

Still none of this really matters if the Hawks don’t evolve with the Eastern Conference. Cleveland is another year older and healthier and the rest of the East has gotten a ton better in the mean time. Atlanta may have missed their window on getting to an NBA Finals and it might have been the only chance they’re going to get. Fans of the Hawks hope not, but things are looking pretty rough at the moment.