Jim Harbaugh is now the highest paid college football coach in history. After weeks of speculation he announced his decision to coach for the school late Monday afternoon , having only officially left the San Fransisco 49ers the previous night. Harbaugh’s salary will be larger than any other college football coach, including Nick Saban. He will make 8 million dollars a season, which is 3 million more than the 5 million per season he made with the San Fransisco 49ers.

Recently the college football coaching field has been peppered with former NFL players and coaches, highly inflating their salaries. The experience of these coaches, combined with how prestigious and important college football has become, has lead schools to seek out and recruit the best coaches for their teams, in addtion to recruiting the best players.

The University of Michigan had sent out a team plane to California on Sunday, and he flew to Michigan on Monday, before the announcement that he had left the 49ers was made. It is clear that this decision had been in the works for several weeks, before Harbaugh or the 49’s made any official announcements, at least according to Skout.

The University of Michigan have recently undergone a great deal of turmoil with their coaching staff recently. Athletic director David Brandon resigned in October after four years,due to criticism of his handling of an injured player. Head coach Brady Hoke was fired on December 2nd.