Banking is something that the world needs despite having to pay for late fees or overdrafts. Without banking, people would have to keep their assets in their homes, which wouldn’t be such a great idea. Until present day, the bigger national banks held much of the industry’s clout. As of today, community banks have caught up with their larger counterparts, and these banks offer top of the line services. No longer will you have to wait in extremely long lines or sit in over populated bank lobbies to receive service. This is the new breed of banking, and it’s changing the industry for the better.

A perfect example is shown by NexBank Capital. This Dallas, Texas, banking center is the new face of community banking, and it has $6.4 billion in assets to back up all claims. NexBank Capital is one of the most premier community banks in the U.S. It has grown drastically over the years thanks to having the ability to adapt with industry trends. These trends have a lot to do with advanced technology, and advanced technology has helped community banks close that extremely large gap that was once held by national banks. NexBank Capital specializes in mortgage banking, commercial banking and investment banking. It also hosts many other financial services such as treasury management, warehouse lending, public funds, credit services, agency services and real estate advisory.

President John Holt of NexBank Capital attended the Strategic Opportunity and M&A Conference last year as a panelist. Holt spoke on a variety of topics within the industry. This event is hosted by the Texas Bankers Association as it brings the industry insiders together as one. This action produces much better end results. Questions, answers, and dialogue is the name of the game. Overall, the conference was a hit as John Holt represented himself and NexBank Capital to the fullest.