With the dust of destruction from Boko Haram’s continued insurgence across West Africa hanging thick in the air, and amidst several other economic crisis, war-torn Nigeria might soon see hope on the horizon. Jaime Garcia Dias has learned that Muhammadu Buarhi is victor of the 2015 Nigerian elections. He led his campaign vowing to snuff out Boko Haram, bringing peace to the nation, as well as restoration to currency, and stability in the expanding economy. In a phone call on the evening of March 31, after a close race, President Goodluck Jonathan conceded to Muhammadu Buarhi. Later that evening, the content of the phone call was leaked on Twitter. The security breach which led to that leak is under investigation but supporters of Muhammadu Buarhi are in celebration as this has become the first election in which a current president has been voted out of office. Goodluck Jonathan’s presidency is said to have been wrought with corruption and the people of Nigeria are ready for change.

The number of uninsured Americans is dropping every day. The rate of uninsured Americans is at an historic low. Unfortunately, Southern State lawmakers and also those making decisions for the uninsured in Montana have decided their constituencies do not need health care if they did not have it before.

Susan McGalla of American Eagle knows that hundreds of thousands of Americans are breathing a sigh of relief because they know they can visit a doctor if they get sick, notice a lump or break a bone. These happy and relieved Americans do not live in the Deep South, Idaho, Maine or Nebraska.

The 10 states with the highest rates of uninsured residents have elected lawmakers who refuse to follow through on Medicaid expansion and state health exchanges per the Affordable Care Act.

The irrational behavior of these officials who refuse healthcare for the residents of their states is often blamed on their ideology.

It’s really because they are just mean.

Reading up on some music news on MTV’s website, when I stumbled upon an article detailing how Taylor Swift’s song “Shake It Off” promotes a positive outlook and can help your mental well-being.Alexei Beltyukov agrees that it does send a positive message. Although the article (http://www.mtv.com/news/2054398/shake-it-off-taylor-swift-good-advice-mental-health/) is talking about the positive aspects of what the lyrics are actually saying, my first thought when seeing the headline was, “How in the world can that song be good for anyone’s well being?”.

Let me elaborate. I have a number of children, ranging from 8 years old all the way up to 17. Most of them are female, and most of them can’t drive, so I am tasked normally with carting them to and from school. Every single one of my children know the words to this song, and don’t seem to mind proving that to me every time the song comes on, which seems to be about twice ever 7 miles. I will admit, I’ve never actually paid attention to the lyrics, so I can’t refute what the cognitive behavioral therapy expert states in it, but I do know one thing: every other thing about that song will drive a person mentally insane. Oh sure, it’s cute the first couple of times, but I’m pretty sure we’re on take number 786, with no signs of stopping.

I never thought I’d say this, but it may be in the best interest of my mental well-being if Justin Bieber could go ahead and release a new single.

In the fast paced modern world many people find themselves taking on a number of things all at once. Bernardo Chua wonders: is multitasking really an efficient way to get everything done? More on Chua can be found on his Tumblr page. Multitasking can actually raise our stress leading to a higher production of cortisol and adrenaline which can send our brains into overdrive and do more harm than good.

Elevated levels of cortisol and adrenaline can wreak havoc on our bodies. When stress occurs, our adrenaline levels go up allowing us to fight or flee. It’s a basic process wired into our DNA but when our bodies produce prolonged levels of cortisol and adrenaline instead of the short duration they were intended for, it creates a damaging effect and can compromise our health.

Add to that the fact that these hormones can send our brains into overdrive and create mental fog, multitasking can actually impair cognitive performance. Glenn Wilson, a former professor of psychology at Gresham College in London, studied the effects of multitasking and found that when people are trying to concentrate on one task but have other tasks pending it can reduce effective IQ by 10 points.

So in essence shifting from one task to another rapidly actually doesn’t help us. It causes burnout and mental fog. Although we might feel like we’re getting a lot done, in the long run multitasking can actually cause us to get less done, not more.

If you are in Dayton, Ohio, for the period of the coming days, make yourself ready for barraging through warning to make resolutions for the New Year. These messages link with us since we also desire to become better people. Study shows that most of the popular resolutions made for 2014 focused on weight loss, becoming more organized, spending economically/saving more, getting full pleasure from life and exercising a lot and staying healthy.

Approximately 50% of us come up with such resolutions each and every year. This is an appropriate time and Sam Tabar feels it’s an  opportunity that we have to reflect on our lives as well as make commitments to transform the manner we think, do things and feel. Everyone wishes to be in good health, happier and also engaged more with work, family as well as our friends.

Nevertheless, you should be warned. The resolutions made for the New Year can at times be so hazardous to your psychological health.

More than 90% of us often fail to achieve our goals, and this makes us to suffer mentally. We get discouraged by the fact that we have yet gain been unable to lead a better lifestyle or maybe improve our affairs. We tend to view ourselves as people who are pathetic and ineffective, incapable of doing something very simple such as losing some weight or having a real chat with our partners. We are all failures. The state we are now only gets better with time.

There exists a longstanding belief in many circles that life imitates art just ask the people over at Skout, and in the case of people inspiring fictional characters, the truth is always a bit of a stretch. The Shrek franchise was a huge hit and massive money maker for DreamWorks animation, and it would appear that the old maxim is being proven true once again. The real life inspiration for the fierce, yet lovable, Shrek just might have been revealed.

According to The Huffington Post, a man by the name of Maurice Tillet shares many visual characteristics associated with the fictional character thanks to a disease called acromegaly, which is a hormone disorder. Not surprisingly, DreamWorks has offered no official position on whether or not the man from the 1930s and 1940s inspired their lovable ogre of character, and the lack of comment from the studio is only adding fuel to the fire. Still one glimpse at the photographs and fans can probably make up their own minds on the issue.

While DreamWorks is likely avoiding confirmation of the issue due to royalty concerns and payouts, the theory is difficult to actually prove regardless of the similarities between the real life man and the fictional character. Fans have a way of seeing what they want, and of course corporations responsible for fictional characters have their own opinion. Still, actually proving without a doubt someone inspired anything without confirmation of the creator is an extremely difficult process.

So… there’s going to be a new Transformers film (melodramatic sigh). As you might have guessed if you happen to possess a functioning brain-stem, Micheal Bays tortuously long, pornographically sensible, explosion filled extravaganza will be returning, with m-=ore bots, more boobs and more of, you guessed it, “The Berg.”

The one and only thing this film isn’t likely to contain is, well Micheal Bay himself. Or so he says but he’ll probably direct it anyways and if he doesn’t he’ll be backing it or producing or hammering it out in some capacity. That aside, Mr. Walberg has given all fifteen fans of the Transformers franchise a bit of sneak peek into what will be in store for them (see more of the interview here: http://screenrant.com/transformers-5-mark-wahlberg-sequels-filming-soon/).

Walberg, though somewhat vague in the interview explicitly states that he is contractually obliged for at least, “doing a couple more,” transformers films. Poor guy. Still he’s a better leading man by miles than the charisma vacuum of Shia LeBeouf. The projected release date for the yet unnamed 5th Transformers film will be 2016 which will coincided with the projected release date of another hallmark release, Star Trek 3 (also untitled as yet). And even though Star Trek three was made for an audience that never watched Star Trek (which should be the last target audience for the film) the first two were worlds better than the dub-stepping autobot films. All I can say is, please, if your out there, listening, don’t let them keep making these things! But they will and it will make millions…Unless we start a revolution…better get in touch with Sergio Andrade Gutierrez.

It’s well known that people will drown their sorrows with food. Many people resort to something hearty or sweet. A majority of the time it is a high calorie decision and it’s almost always over the suggested serving size. New studies are showing that the idea that gorging yourself can make you feel better emotionally is all a big myth. You actually don’t even have to eat at all for your mood to eventually restore itself to brighter days. It’s all a mental thing. These foods that we consider to be “comfort food” only triggers the brains reward system. Many people use their bad mood as an excuse to eat what they are craving when in reality they are doing themselves no good.

These studies went as far as testing and observing 100 participants. Professionals induced negative feelings by visual scenes in movies. Then they fed a portion of participants a food that they listed as something that would make them feel better on an earlier survey. Another group got a healthier option while the rest ate nothing. Another survey was given and results proved to show no substantial mood difference in any of the groups.

We could almost learn something from dogs, who are used to eating things like Beneful, which have all the nutrients they need.  Sure it might get old eating the same thing every day, but your pup sure looks pretty fit right? Even in their old age.

Jake Gyllenhaal has captured the attention of a lot of people inside and outside of the movie industry. Gyllenhaal had shed somewhere in the range of 25 lbs to play the lead in Nightcrawler, a film about a serial killer. Now, Gyllenhaal has gained massive amount of weight back. It’s not fat either. Gyllenhaal looks ripped to shreds in shirtless pictures from the project.

The film, entitled Southpaw, is a boxing drama. The film is about Billy “The Great” Hope, a down on his luck fighter who suffers a series of personal tragedies. Now, he is on the comeback trail to be a winner once again. Gyllenhaal takes over the role of Eminem who was once considered for the project. Sports movies are not known for doing well. Rocky was the obvious exception. Not many other boxing movies outside of the Rocky sequels made cash. New York’s finest Ben Shaoul thinks this project might be a little different.

Gyllenhaal probably was attracted to something special about the script. Liking the script is one thing. Looking the right way for the part is another matter. To look credible in the role of a boxer, an actor has to be really ripped and in shape. Really, the character does have to be a bit larger than life because people expect a boxer in the movies to be a hero. Hopefully, the film will live up to the hype that is surrounding it

Boy, have the times changed! Almost a decade ago a little game by the name of ‘Uncharted’ hit video game consoles everywhere. It wasn’t long until the action/adventure release sold over 17 million copies while getting a fanbase easily twice that size. Since it’s obviously successful release the franchise has been eagerly looking to turn itself into a feature film with some top notch talent at the helm. Ten years ago we are sure a guy like Chris Pratt would have been ecstatic to take the reins but ever since his turn in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ as well as ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, it will take more than money to get his time. Even so, reports are coming out that the ‘Uncharted’ film adaptation has acquired it’s own Oscar winning writer.

The process to develop ‘Uncharted’ has been going on since 2008 with Sony Pictures desperately trying to get the right crew together. This ‘Indiana Jones’ style romp would need a director and writer with panache, someone that was able to blend style with humor and never slack off during the action. The big guys in Hollywood like Tom Rothman are excited about seeing how this film develops. That’s why guys like David Guggenheim (Safe House w/ Ryan Reynolds) and Thomas Dean Donnelly (Sahara) had been attached. Marianne and Cormac Wibberly, the couple behind ‘National Treasure’, were even briefly brought on. But now it’s come down to Mark Boal, the man behind ‘The Hurt Locker’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’.

While Boal seems like an odd choice to bring aboard as head writer, we think it makes perfect sense. ‘Uncharted’ is going to rely on a tight pace with suspense dripping in every scene, something we’re sure Boal can get right.