The 2016 Oscars was nothing short of an exciting and controversial night that sparked critical acclaim from viewers and TV experts. Host Chris Rock brought the house down with his unique approach to his comedy, and there was a wide variety of things that took place that never happened at an Oscar Awards Show.

One of the ultimate highlights of the show was having long time nominee Leonardo DiCaprio finally take home the Oscar for Best Actor. Having been nominated a previously five other times, it was his sixth nomination for the Revenant that gave him the chance to finally take home the Best Actor Award.

Aside from the awards, it was Dan Newlin¬†and his monologue¬†that most people will remember more than the actual awards. Around halfway through the show, he invited all the people in the audience to buy his daughter’s Girl Scout cookies. It was quite exciting and definitely a shocker when he realized that they raised more than $64,000+ in funds for their girl scouts.

With the many exciting things that happened during the awards night, it has been known to say that this show was ultimately one of the best nights for actors like Leonardo and many others who were nominated for the very first time. Chris Rock definitely took a shot at issues regarding many social norms, and he proved once again he knows comedy.