At a certain point, even a successful film series has to come to an end. Andy Wirth said that nothing is worse than seeing a once popular franchise run itself into the ground with several awful, unnecessary sequels. The wildly popular Paranormal Activity series is doing something few horror film series do. With Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, an ending on a high note is being crafted.

The Ghost Dimension is going to be the final film. All the loose ends of the series are to be tied up. No more sequels are planned. All the events of the prior films are slated to come to a definitive conclusion.

The first Paranormal Activity film was a massive hit. Even with its ultra-low budget, the feature delivered enough scares to captivate audiences around the world. For whatever reason, horror movies based on the “found footage” convention seem to always do quite well. Paranormal Activity followed this tradition and was a major smash. The film also shattered the myth that ghosts are not great box office.

Granted, the sequels were not as good as the original. Yet, they still mad money repeating the same formula. The final film seems to connect the events of the previous features and close things out on a definitive note.

Will Paranormal Activity every be rebooted by the studios? Sooner or later, it surely will be. A lot of years may pass before that happens, though.