In 2013 Graeme Holm set in to motion the Infinity Group Australia. One of Graeme’s primary goals was to aid normal, everyday Australians to secure their future and their finances. As time passed, customer service was a primary driving force behind the Infinity Group Australia and has led to them becoming one of the fastest growing money management services. In addition, they are very successful with debt reduction services too. Graeme’s customer driven approach has delivered successful, proven results.


Graeme Holm currently serves as the director of Infinity Group Australia, with locations in Cronulla, Port Macquarie, Brisbane and Bella Vista. Greene’s financial service career extends over 17 years. The first decade of Holm’s career was spent in the Big Four banking environment.


It was during the first part of the decade that Graeme became annoyed dealing with a single brand of services and products and most Australian households were receiving lack luster deals from financial institutions. Thus, in 2013 Rebecca Walker (his partner) and Holms formulated the Infinity Group Australia and their passion to give Australians better deals from a financial institution.


Infinity Group Australia, Background


Graeme Holm, discovered that most financial institutions sorely lacked proper services for families, advice, guidance and ongoing support. As a result, Graeme spent over 6 months developing and researching the Australian mortgage market. Also, the Infinity Group Australia changed the dynamics of the mortgage industry by helping clients pay their loans off as quickly as possible and offer personal banking. In addition, the Infinity Group’s clients received assistance in developing and maintaining budgets to secure their success, performance reports and help monthly.


The Infinity Group Australia has provided support and leadership to help their customers get rid of $41k in debt on average within a 12 month period. If their clients were using the old banking system it would take them twelve months, however with the Infinity Group Australia it only takes their clients 3 months to pay off their debt off. Other services the Infinity Group Australia offer is wealth creation and retirement solutions.


Pulling From Either To Reality


Rebecca and Graeme had an understanding that most of their clients live from paycheck to paycheck and would pay just the minimum mortgage for a 30-year term. They aimed to change the Australian loan market, so they adopted the model of ongoing guidance that would be parallel to what a personal trainer would give to their clients. The key focal point was to obtain better results throughout the life cycle of the customers loan journey.

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Graeme Holm is a successful man that has had a huge amount of impact in the lives of many. He has over 17 years of extensive experience in the finance field, and has taken educational courses that have been able to help him grow his knowledge in this field as well. Graeme Holm also has enough experience and knowledge about the banking world since he worked in the banking environment for many years. Through out his years working in the finance world and the banking world he realized that there are some countries that lack the amount of support and resources to be able to help out the people that live there. One of the countries that Graeme Holm realized that this was happening to was Australia. He soon discovered that Australia did not have the necessary amount of support that was needed to help out the people there in a financial way. Helping out others and his community is something that he has always had a passion for, so helping out the people in Australia was not hard decision to make. Graeme Holm has been able to become the co founder and the main director of Infinity Group Australia. This is a company that ensures to help out the clients that need banking or financial help. This means help applying for a loan or help paying off a loan. Graeme Holm’s company helps out the client by guiding them and making sure that they are comfortable and understand what is going on through out the process. This company also makes sure to help out the client understand the difference between needing a loan and wanting a loan. They provide financial classes that will help support the client in making sure that they understand the consequences of taking out a loan and making sure that they are able to pay it off. This company has been able to be a great resource to many who do not have the knowledge to understand the process of taking out a loan and every thing that comes with that. Graeme Holm and his company have been doing a great job in helping out others reach their financial stability and life goals. Learn more:

Since 2004, Dr. Scott Rocklage, Ph.D has been a managing partner at 5AM Venture Management, LLC. He initially joined the firm as a venture partner and has over three decades of management in healthcare, leading the approval by the FDA of three new drug applications in the U.S. They are Cubicin, Omniscan and Teslascan. Rocklage has had many clinical trials and has also served as Chairman and CEO of Cubist Parmaceuticals, as well as Nycomed Salutar and has been of assistance of various other R&D positions.


Rocklage has served and does currently serve on many boards. Several of the companies he has been chairman of include Cidara, Kinestral and Rennovia; also included are Epirus and Pulmatrix. Dr. Rocklage has also been Executive Chairman of Ilypsa, Miikana, and Semprus.


Dr. Rocklage had previously said that his business is a life science-based venture capital firm. 5AM Ventures, he noted, was called that because the company is in the formation stages and 5 AM is certainly considered an early part of the day. Rocklage says that in his business, he does not have a typical day. He added that some days are utilized for studying new areas of life science, while other days might be working with the portfolio company’s management team.


So how does Dr. Rocklage really bring his ideas to life? Well, it starts with who he works with: in the business world, he works with executives and entrepreneurs; in the medical world, he works with physicians who work with Rocklage in creating hopeful medicines to treat medical needs that remain unmet.


Rocklage also talks about trends that excite him. One of his most explosive growing trends is targeting specific mutations or genotypes to uniquely treat cancer. “This has already led to extending and saving lives and we will only develop improvements in the near future, which is exciting,” Rocklage said.


Being very well organized is another trait Rockage mentions. It has made him more productive, he says, in regards to calendaring, prioritization and time management.

Bottom line is Rocklage says you cannot be afraid of risk-taking. But he emphasizes that is should be calculated risk. When you rule your own future through entrepreneurship, you do not have the same advantages when working for a Fortune 500. Staying true to what the business knows how to do well and not straying far from strengths is particularly important, he says. Learn more:


There are many people in today’s world that could make a difference in how the world is run. However, they are too poor to be taken notice of, and their education is too lacking to make a difference. For others, they’re too sick to find work to earn enough money to fund their educational goals. If these people could only rise above their burden of poverty the world might be a better place to live in for all people. George Soros has the money and the aspiration to fix this problem through his charities.

George attended school to learn about philosophy and economics. These are two subjects that have driven him to attain great wealth and influence on the world. He uses his assets to fund the Democratic Party in hopes that the right leaders can be elected to make the differences that he knows to be possible within society. In the meantime, until such leaders can come to be, George will use his charity, the Open Society Foundation, to make all the changes possible. George follows the philosophy of the illustrious Karl Popper. His belief was that when everyone has money and every citizen has an education, and then there can exist a better world. Karl called this concept a free and open society.

George uses that philosophy as the driving force to fund the poor. Through his charity, George has made sure that if an impoverished citizen wants to bring themselves up out of poverty, but is only lacking an education with which to find a proper job, then George will fund their educational pursuit. If the citizen wants to find a job, but is too sick to work, then George will fund their costs for medical aid to become healthy enough for employment. If a person is unfairly incarcerated, George will hire lawyers to help set them free. It is only through the unification of the citizens working together for a better world, that such a world can be brought about. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros suffered some of the worst experiences as a child, arising from the Nazis coming to his Hungarian homeland and murdering several Jewish people, a community that George is a member of. If it weren’t for George’s father, he would have been identified as a Jew and killed along with the other people that the Nazis discovered. However, George’s father had money from his time spent as an attorney. He used this money to buy false identity papers to fool the Nazis into believing George and his family was Christian. This is proof alone that money can keep people alive, even when faced against impossible odds.


Betsy DeVos is one of the leading voices in education today. Despite some of the opposition that she received, she is the type of person who can change education for the better. Not only does Betsy DeVos care about others, but she is also looking for ways to advance the cause of her work. Over time, she has proven to truly care about making a positive impact in the local community. A lot of people look up to her today for her charity work. There is some incorrect information going around that Betsy DeVos wants to overturn the bathroom bill that gave transgender people the right to go to any bathroom they want. This is not true, and she is working to set the record straight. Because of some of her other beliefs, there are a lot of people who are trying to go out and make her look bad to others.

Betsy DeVos

From the time she started in education, Betsy DeVos has been the type of person who wants to make a positive impact in the lives of others. She truly cares about other people, and that is evident in a variety of positions that she takes. She wants to give more power to people at the local level to make decisions in a way that benefits them. Not only that, but she truly cares about helping others in the way that she sees fit. Over time, she has proven to truly care the people that she is impacting. That is why her charity work is among the most numerous in the industry. Not only does she truly care about the work that she is doing, but she wants to empower people as well. Check this article from


Betsy DeVos has given a lot of time and money to charity over the years. Not only that, but she knows that the work that she is doing for education in this country can make a positive impact for years to come. There are a lot of people who look up to her hard work in the field. Not only that, but they believe that taking her approach to education policy in this country will pay off in a big way. There are a lot of people who want to work with her on the ideas that she has for a better future. Not only that, but Betsy DeVos is going to continue to invest in the local communities where she believes there is a lot of growth opportunity. She is great example of the impact that one person can make on an industry or in the world around us today.

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Hussain Sajwani is the owner, chairman, CEO, and the founder of the biggest luxurious private real estate company in the Middle East, DAMAC Properties Dubai CO. PJSC. Mr. Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties in 2002 having realized a niche in the Dubai’s government decree which permitted foreigners to own property within the United Arab Emirates. He started off by purchasing land in an underdeveloped part of the town, did a little construction, and in less than six months he had sold his first thirty-eight story building. Hussain Sajwani has since then carried on the construction business and developed it into, DAMAC Properties which makes him worth $3.3 billion.

Hussain Sajwani before DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani, a 63-year-old husband, and father of four studied Bachelors of Arts/Science in the University of Washington. He began his business career in the food industry, serving clients such as the U.S Military during an operation Desert Storm. He had since worked with American companies on a global level in countries including Bosnia, The Gulf, and even Somalia.

The Rise of DAMAC Properties

Having been founded in 2002, the Dubai-based company under the leadership of its founder Mr. Hussain has contributed largely in making Dubai a worldwide tourist destination. The DAMAC Properties Company deals in engineering, architecture, construction, and real estate which it has all thrived in. Of course, Hussain Sajwani did not manage to achieve this all by himself; he teamed up with other globally thriving brands to promote his own. Companies such as Versace and Fendi have assisted in designing apartments. Sajwani has even collaborated with Donald Trump with the aim of having his International Golf Club incorporated into Mr. Hussain’s real estate business.

Hussain Sajwani’s Philanthropic Work

DAMAC Properties CEO offered a cheque of two million on a campaign to clothe a million deprived children globally. Mr. Hussain Sajwani believes, and expressed in his speech during the event that; the children are the future of the society hence it is important that they get the very best start in life by the provision of the appropriate environment.

For over thirty years, Betsy DeVos has been the vital force behind some of Michigan’s various organizations which are geared towards helping people and the society. A businesswoman with interest in philanthropy, Betsy is known for advocating numerous reforms to benefit the society, with a keen interest in helping change the current education system in America.

Recently, DeVos has been making headlines after the announcement of her nomination to the role of education minister by President Donald Trump. DeVos has been on the forefront of various education movements like ‘School For Choice’ program. Along with her husband, she initiated the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which aims to fund organizations which work towards the development of education, society and for the establishment of justice. Through one of the many organizations that Betsy and her husband fund, they work towards providing scholarships to underprivileged yet deserving students with an aim to enable them to receive a better education for their overall growth and to harvest their untapped potential.

She is an advocate of ‘school vouchers,’ a movement aimed at providing kids all over America access to private school infrastructure and education at public school rates, using taxpayers money and public funds. Betsy was also an advocate of the overall school grading system, which rates schools all over the United States with the same grading system that it uses to grade its students. She believes that this information will equip parents with the knowledge to make better and more informed decisions as to which school they should pick for their children. In addition, through their foundation, they have established an award for students who show exemplary talent and entrepreneurship in the field of business administration and those who have earned an MBA from Northwood University.

Along with her efforts to reform the education system in America, Betsy is an active supporter of the Arts. During the tenure of President George Bush, she was appointed as a member of the board of directors of the Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts.

Between 1992 to 1997, DeVos served as a member of the committee for the Republican Party in Michigan. She was also appointed as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party in 1996. After her term, she was reelected to the same position in 2003.

In 2004, DeVos was personally responsible for raising over $150,000 USD for the reelection of George Bush. During that time, she also served as the chairperson of finance for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Currently, DeVos is the chairwoman of Winquest, a private multinational company whose sole aim is to support and invest in technology and machinery built to provide clean and environment-friendly energy.

Betsy is a true believer in the Republican values and holds true by what the party stands for.

Cosmetic surgery has become a popular way for people to improve their appearance. Quite often this surgery is elective on the part of the patient and is not covered by insurance. Most surgeons who perform these procedures will have initial consultations with prospective patients to see if they are good candidates. Someone considering cosmetic surgery as a method of improving their appearance, should also be aware of what the procedure entails. People should make sure the doctor they use is licensed to perform this type of surgery. Having a procedure done by a non-professional could have disastrous results.

What Most Procedures Entail

Cosmetic surgeons are medical doctors licensed to perform surgeries that enhance a person’s features. Depending on the type of procedure, cosmetic surgery could involve the same risks as non-cosmetic surgery. A breast lift or breast implant is considered major surgery, for which the patient will be anesthetized. Liposuction, is still somewhat invasive, but the patient will be fully awake during the procedure. A breast lift, would require the patent to be hospitalized, while liposuction does not. Implant surgery of any kind usually requires a hospital stay.

A Board Certified Doctor

It is a good idea to choose a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She has also been formally trained in cosmetic surgery and is currently an active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Walden also serves on the board of directors for the above mentioned society and has even written a best selling book. She began her practice in New York City at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat, but moved to Austin Texas to be near her family. In 2014 Dr. Walden was recognized by a Texas publication as being a Texas super doctor.

Dr. Jennifer Walden also takes an interest in issues concerning women’s health. She strives to teach women about the importance of self-empowerment and decision making. She ties these issues into her cosmetic surgery practice, especially in the area of breast health for women. Her excellent work speaks for itself, as was clearly visible in an article published about her in Harper’s Bazaar. She has also been the subject and guest speaker on a number of television programs including Fox News Channel and E!. She was also the cover model and featured subject in the first issue of the new Texas publication VIVE. There is no doubt Dr. Walden has definitely made her mark in the field of cosmetic surgery.

He’s made us laugh for years. We invited Sam Simon into your hearts, and our homes. Even if the name doesn’t ring a bell for you, his accomplishments will. He was the co-creator of the popular animated series called the “Simpsons.” He helped the show to win seven Emmy Awards. Simon also worked on other television shows such as “Taxi” when it was on the air.

In late 2012, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He lost his battle. Simon was only 59 years old. He will be missed not only because of the great work he did in the area of television, but also because of the work he did off the air.

According to Variety, Simon died in his Los Angeles home.

Fans like Brad Reifler know that Simon was an avid philanthropist. More on Reifler can be found at He was a lover of animals and even funded the Sam Simon Foundation. That organization rescued dogs. It also funded pets who needed medical attention but their owners couldn’t afford the costs. He supported PETA. Those are only a few to name. This man really understood what it meant to help the less fortunate. And for that, his spirit and kind ways will be missed. He was recognized for his work by winning a humanitarian award.

Simon’s legacy will live on.

On February 24th 2015, Tom Rothman replaced Amy Pascal as chairman of Sony Motion Picture Group. Amy Pascal changed positions at Sony because of the internet hacking scandal involved with “The Interview” movie. During the criminal hacking some emails which Amy Pascal thought were private became embarrassingly public. Amy Pascal apologizes for these emails that should have remained private. She is now working on new Sony projects such as the “Spider-man” series in a different division of the company. Working together transition between Amy Pascal and Tom Rothman will be a smooth one. Michael Lynton notes that Tom Rothman has the experience and knowledge of the business. Tom Rothman has worked on major blockbusters such as “Avatar” and “Titanic”. Besides working for Sony’s TriStar Productions he has experience with Fox Filmed Entertainment. At Fox Filmed Entertainment he helped obtain $40 billion in box office sales and 150 Academy Award nominations. Additionally he created Fox Searchlight an art-house label.

Michael Lynton, whose contract has been extended, will have Tom Rothman report directly to him. Tom Rothman while being the new studio head will continue to oversee TriStar Productions.