Mina Ebrahimi is a perfect example of someone who came from nowhere and built a successful business only with her sheer determination and perseverance. Coming from an immigrant family, she always wanted to make a difference in the society and her success has certainly justified her efforts. She strongly believes in the concept of passion and creativity in both personal and professional lives. She had a passion for cooking and with some level of creativity, she was able to scale her family’s bakery business into a full-scale catering business catering both corporate and personal events. She says that her passion for things make her content in life and allows her mind to improve in a more innovative way.

One of the statements that she made which were quite remarkable is her passion for creating something and giving it back to the community. She believes that such a feeling is totally priceless. She wakes up every day with a thought of making her business as well improving her customer experience better than it was yesterday. This passionate drive allows her spirit to be alive and makes her day a complete one. She wakes up at around 2 am every day and comes up with newer ideas only to make sure that Saint Germain Catering is the best in the nation. She is also very kind and compassionate towards her customers and employees.

She says that the size of the business is independent of the success it can achieve and this creative thought has led her catering business to be named as Best Caterer in the Northern Virginia area. Her business is committed to handling events of any size and there are times when her team caters up to 200 events in a single day. And while they do that, there is no shortage of excellent customer service and exceeding customer expectations. Since food is the main element for the success in a catering business, the food that she serves is prepared by award-winning chef accompanied by a multi-ethnic team. Whether you are looking for Italian, Mediterranean or Mexican food, she has you covered on all of those and more.


Since Stream Energy started, they’ve been giving people a chance to see positive opportunities no matter where they go. The company dedicates itself to helping others and giving people the chance to keep growing their businesses. Stream knows people need a chance to try something different with energy and they need the ability to make things better so they can save money on their energy costs. When they use Stream Energy, they can get more from the opportunities they have. It’s the company’s goal of providing people with the positive experiences that come from offering different energy opportunities. No matter the issues people have with energy, Stream knows how to help them and give them positive experiences. They aren’t worried about the issues that come from helping people out.

Now that Stream Energy has grown a lot, they know what they can do to make a difference. Their point of helping people goes back to everything they do and they want everyone to know they’ve done the best job possible. Since they started, they’ve grown and they’ve branched out to different areas. Now that Stream Cares is launching, the company plans on helping more people get the things they want. They don’t have to worry about different things and that’s something Stream started planning from the beginning. Since Stream knows how to help people, they can offer these opportunities without worrying about all the issues going on in the energy industry. Their goals are to give everyone the chances they need for more success.

Even when Stream Energy first started, they felt good about the opportunities they had. They always wanted other people to realize things would keep getting better and their customers could get more positive opportunities as a result of everything they did. Thanks to Stream, more people get a chance to try things and more people have the ability to make the business better. Both residential and business customers can get more from everything that Stream offers no matter what they use it for. The company provides great rates on electric so they can help other people out.


Since 2004, Dr. Scott Rocklage, Ph.D has been a managing partner at 5AM Venture Management, LLC. He initially joined the firm as a venture partner and has over three decades of management in healthcare, leading the approval by the FDA of three new drug applications in the U.S. They are Cubicin, Omniscan and Teslascan. Rocklage has had many clinical trials and has also served as Chairman and CEO of Cubist Parmaceuticals, as well as Nycomed Salutar and has been of assistance of various other R&D positions.


Rocklage has served and does currently serve on many boards. Several of the companies he has been chairman of include Cidara, Kinestral and Rennovia; also included are Epirus and Pulmatrix. Dr. Rocklage has also been Executive Chairman of Ilypsa, Miikana, and Semprus.


Dr. Rocklage had previously said that his business is a life science-based venture capital firm. 5AM Ventures, he noted, was called that because the company is in the formation stages and 5 AM is certainly considered an early part of the day. Rocklage says that in his business, he does not have a typical day. He added that some days are utilized for studying new areas of life science, while other days might be working with the portfolio company’s management team.


So how does Dr. Rocklage really bring his ideas to life? Well, it starts with who he works with: in the business world, he works with executives and entrepreneurs; in the medical world, he works with physicians who work with Rocklage in creating hopeful medicines to treat medical needs that remain unmet.


Rocklage also talks about trends that excite him. One of his most explosive growing trends is targeting specific mutations or genotypes to uniquely treat cancer. “This has already led to extending and saving lives and we will only develop improvements in the near future, which is exciting,” Rocklage said.


Being very well organized is another trait Rockage mentions. It has made him more productive, he says, in regards to calendaring, prioritization and time management.

Bottom line is Rocklage says you cannot be afraid of risk-taking. But he emphasizes that is should be calculated risk. When you rule your own future through entrepreneurship, you do not have the same advantages when working for a Fortune 500. Staying true to what the business knows how to do well and not straying far from strengths is particularly important, he says. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/scott-m-rocklage