Why settle for advertising in a print newsmagazine when NewsWatch TV gives customers a look at new products in an entertaining and informational format that keeps them engaged and coming back for more? Since 1989, NewsWatch TV  has broadcast over 1000 30-minutes shows featuring unique content including current events, shopping trends, tech news and more. Add hundreds of spicy celebrity interviews and thoughtful reporting on consumer issues and what emerges is an amazing value-added way to spend valuable marketing dollars.

NewsWatch TV currently airs in over 200 markets throughout the United States and can be seen on AMC and ION Network through outlets including Dish Network and DirectTV. With a thriving social media presence and a YouTube channel of its own, Newswatch TV gives a wide range of viewers a look at advertisers’ products and services side-by-side with relevant content to support its value.

NewsWatch TV reaches over 95 million viewers every day and its advertising carries the credibility of award-winning reporters who’ve earned respect for giving consumers the right information to make purchasing decisions. Their experienced team has produced successful campaigns for companies as large as Sony and Intel, as well as small startups and non-profit organizations.

All content is produced in-house in a carefully crafted process designed to give advertisers maximum value for their money. Programming is shot in full HD at their Washington D.C. studios where cutting edge editing equipment refines spots to include only impactful information that will air in markets specifically targeted meet to advertisers’ needs. And all at a fraction of the typical costs associated with quality television advertising.

Any company wanting to reach the right people, with the right information, at the right time can expect success with NewsWatch TV’s innovative, diverse, affordable, and highly effective platform.