One of Rocketship Education‘s leaders speaks her mind, noting the topic of education. She discusses it thoroughly, in a recent roundtable interview, and notes that she has read it over and over and over again, always finding something new and taking notes. She does not disagree with the importance of a quality education, especially when it makes the future reform champions that any country so much needs. She also mentions that she is now more optimistic than ever before in seeing the real potential that education may hold for future generations, especially when certain problems placed under Obama’s administration are now corrected.

She is also hopeful and optimistic about the range of technologies and scientific advancements that we have achieved as a nation – and even as a global culture – and notes that these will more than help in the fight to better educate students by learning their needs, desires and goals altogether. Betsy mentions that more than 250,000 students in 17 states come through publicly funded and private choice programs of at least 33 or more. This is in DC alone. The movement quickly accelerates.

As of last year, that number grew about another 40,000. She even remembers back in 2012 where new programs within Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and New Hampshire expanded their programs to certain states, such as, Ohio, Louisiana, Florida and Arizona, and Pennsylvania. In the year before, Indiana passed its large statewide voucher program that was in its art second academic year already enrolled more than 10,000 children before. When conducting polling was conducted in five states, educational choice enjoyed its popularity, especially throughout the Latino population.

She knows that the public is now becoming more aware that the traditional public school system set in America has simply not worked: To be quite honest, it has been a complete failure, and Pres. Obama is only to blame. Reforms like Tout Ask credits, vouchers and education savings accounts are now considered more radical than ever before and have been placed on the table as options once again. We hope for changes in days to come.