Today, Tuesday, June 30, fans of the Back to the Future film series learned that rumors about a remake or sequel are not true. Director Robert Zemeckis stated emphatically that he and Bob Gale will not permit any type of extension to the Back to the Future universe until they have both passed away. He even went so far as to say that if he can find a way to block sequels, remakes and reboots through his estate he will do so.

A lot of fans were saddened to hear that there will not even be sequels as many have been asking for years that Zemeckis, Gale and the original cast return to create a series of next generation films.

Zemeckis compared his classic films to Citizen Kane and referred to any attempts to reboot them as “insanity.”

For every fan The Aspire New Brunswick writes that is upset about this news, there are those who are praising Zemeckis and Gale for not jumping on the remake bandwagon of the last few years to get a quick buck. A lot of film viewers have grown tired of watching re-worked films. Many moviegoers want to see more original content in theaters that feature brand new stories, characters and ideas.

Of course, Universal might consider Zemeckis’ statement the virtual throwing of a gauntlet and try to find a way to at least make the sequels.