The popular blog site, R7, recently introduced its readers and the rest of the world to one of the greatest music impersonators of all time, Sergio Cortes. This gentleman was literally born with similar features to Micheal Jackson according to his mother and other family members. Actually, when he exhibited a talent for dancing and singing at an early age, his family and members of his community would pay him to dress like Micheal Jackson and perform his songs. From an early age, Cortes realized that he had the leverage to use his appearance and talents to display his talents and to be a professional Micheal Jackson impersonator.

Despite all of his abilities for singing, dancing, acting and composing, Cortes is very humble and appreciative to be able to make a living as an entertainer. He has over 16,000 Facebook followers and many fans worldwide who attend his shows and follow his career. People flock to him because he has a compassionate spirit, and he brings joy to people who admire his twin-like appearance to the late-and-great pop singer.

Cortes’ connection to Jackson is very sincere, for when Jackson passed away in 2009 Cortes was affected like the rest of the world. Jackson’s death hit Cortes deeply because his art and lifestyle has been intertwined with Jackson’s for a very long time. It makes sense when you consider that Cortes has been studying Micheal Jackson for over 40 years since the days of The Jackson 5.

At 43 years old, Cortes continues to build his brand and identity to be recognized as the greatest impersonator to ever perform on a stage. When people see Cortes in person or on the internet, they feel like they are watching the reincarnation of Micheal Jackson. Cortes’ clothes, mannerisms, voice and body language are an astonishing mirror image of his idol; and his presentation, whether it be a performance or interview, is always captivating.

The invitations that Cortes use to receive as a child to perform Micheal Jackson songs has turned into a very successful entertainment business that takes Cortes all across the world. Cortes has appeared in several countries on American Idol, and he has performed for audiences on various television shows worldwide. As many fans are still mourning the loss of Micheal Jackson, they are able to find some peace and comfort in experiencing the performance of Cortes who reminds us of how great of a dancer, singer and human being that Micheal Jackson was.

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The late Michael Jackson has on a multitude of occasions been hailed the “King of Pop”. Perhaps one of the most famous entertainers of his generation, Michael Jackson earned $750 million dollars in his lifetime from his music. Even his death is testament to his massive fame with global mourning, a sky rocket number of sales for his albums and any merchandise featuring him. As a result of his fame Michael Jackson has inspired many impersonators. One of Michael Jackson’s best impersonator’s is Sergio Cortes.

Born in 1971, Sergio Cortes is from Barcelona, Spain. When he was quite young -at around age five- he became a fan of Michael Jackson and at some point he decided to train to be a Michael Jackson impersonator. Not only did he want to be a Michael Jackson impersonator, he wanted to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator. With extreme dedication Sergio Cortes undertook his mission to perfect all of Michael Jackson’s dance moves, singing style, fashion sense, appearance and eye for putting on an artistic show.

Reportedly he has not gotten any plastic surgery to get his Michael Jackson look, although he likely uses some makeup to perfect his look. He has the Michael Jackson jerry curl style hair from during Michael’s eighties music career. Sergio has the strong Michael Jackson eye look and brows. Photos of him look so close to Michael, that it’s hard to really tell them apart even.

As for sound and dancing techniques, Sergio has all of Michael’s moves and vocal tones down. There are many videos of him on YouTube showcasing his incredible skill at replicating both Michael Jackson’s dancing and voice. Watching him sing and move really reminds people of Michael Jackson.

Currently Sergio Cortes showcases his Michael Jackson impersonation on his “Human Nature Live Show”. Sergio Cortes, five other dancers, four musicians, two other singers and intricate lighting effects perform Michael Jackson’s classic songs with Michael’s unique choreography. “Man in the Mirror”, “Thriller”, “Smooth Criminal” and “Heal the World” are some of the songs performed flawlessly during the “Human Nature Live Show”. Michael Jackson may be seen as the best male pop singer ever and to his credit Sergio Cortes is definitely the best Michael Jackson impersonator ever.

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There are many different kinds of people in the world with many different talents, and one special kind of people are those who can take on the lives of others as if they were their own. Sergio Cortes is an impersonator, and he has admired Michael Jackson since he was young. He decided that he would like to take on the life of the man and do things in the best way that he could, so he worked hard to make that happen. He created a look that was similar to what Michael Jackson had always worn, and he practiced all of the dance moves that he man had made until he got everything down right.
Now when people see Sergio Cortes they are hugely impressed. They can’t believe that someone could be that much like Michael Jackson. They have named him the best impersonator of Michael Jackson because of the talent that he shows. Sergio Cortes knew how to do things right in every way for his impersonation, and he can feel great about himself for all that he has done. He has taken on the life of the singer well, and he has made himself proud through the way that he has impressed others with his talents.

Not everyone could do something as complicated as taking on the life of another and making it their own, but only those who hold a special talent can do that and succeed at it. Sergio Cortes is a very talented man, and he can feel great about the way that he worked so hard to make things right when impersonating Michael Jackson. He used his talents in the best way possible, and many people are impressed with him because of that.
There are only so many people who can be good impersonators, and there are even less people who can be great impersonators. Sergio Cortes was smart to work so hard to get things done right, and he will be sure to keep impressing everyone with his talents as he goes about impersonating Michael Jackson and all of the things the man did.

Most Michael Jackson fans never would’ve thought that Michael would have passed in the year 2009. Michael was always known to be a healthy person, and he danced and performed all the way up into his 50s. Michael had even planned a tour around the world before he died, and unfortunately, he would never see that tour come to pass. Michael died unexpectedly, and many fans were thrown into a very deep depression over his death. Many Michael Jackson impersonators around the world were asked about their feelings on the King of Pop’s death, and many responded with tears, sorrowful remarks, and some couldn’t muster the strength to respond at all.

Sergio Cortes has been a Michael Jackson impersonator for years, but it’s never meant as much to him as it does now. Everyone knows that impersonators are supposed to act as if they are the star that they are imitating, but when Michael Jackson died, many people looked to his impersonators for some comfort. Although Sergio wasn’t looking to be Michael Jackson himself, those who were heartbroken about Michael’s passing chose to seek out Sergio as a way to get over Michael Jackson’s death.

Sergio didn’t want the position of being the savior of those who were grieving over Michael Jackson, but he didn’t have a choice because many looked to him for a way to bring a smile to their faces after Michael’s passing. Sergio has put on many concerts over the years, and Sergio has even remade songs, dance moves, and stage shows that Michael Jackson created. When Sergio hits the stage, it’s unlike anything anyone has ever seen unless the person has been to a genuine Michael Jackson concert. Many young people may not have seen Michael Jackson in concert when he was with the Jackson Five or when he got older, so watching Sergio Cortes perform is a real treat.

Sergio doesn’t just dance, dress, and behave like Michael Jackson, he looks and even sings like Michael Jackson too. No other Michael Jackson impersonator has been able to completely embody Michael’s spirit as Sergio Cortes has, which is the reason why he’s the most famous Michael Jackson impersonator. Sergio has been on many television shows performing, and Sergio even informs the media about his past and upcoming stage shows. Sergio has been a real blessing to those who miss Michael Jackson.

Creatively speaking not many people can even come close to impersonating Michael Jackson. Just looking like a late star is not nearly enough to make fans remember all the great performances they witnessed. When it comes to Michael Jackson that would be really hard to do, but it seems like Sergio Cortes has done it.

Sergio Cortes born in Barcelona Spain and living in Brazil is the one and only greatest Michael Jackson impersonator ever seen or heard of before. Extremely talented and energetic, his video performances prove how he has captured the full essence of the best entertainer of all time. Growing up Cortes would love to see Michael Jackson on tv and imitate all his moves for hours at a time. When he became a teenager he noticed how much he resembles the “King Of Pop”. By the time the ‘Bad’ album came out is when Sergio starting practicing hard. He began to train seriously to become the worlds best Michael Jackson impersonator.

He started dressing, walking, and even singing like Michael Jackson. As time went by his impersonation became so amazing that he began drawing fans all through Brazil. And now he has followers all over the world loving everything he does. He looks just like Michael without any plastic surgery and has perfected all MJs moves. Being a huge fan of the legend is what makes Cortes strive to be the greatest at what he does.

His voice is identical to the “King Of Pop”. Hearing Sergio for the first time I was floored because I did not think anyone could ever sound so much like Michael Jackson. He sang ‘Smile’ and it was like MJ all over again beautifully done Cortes. One can quickly see how much time and dedication he puts into his work. All that hard work has paid off and now he has a successful career. His graceful demeanor and loving attitude make him adored by fans.

Sergio has so many videos that can be watched on YouTube that bring the Michael Jackson experience alive again. He delivers spectacular performances and reaches all the famous Jackson high notes too. People are longing to get a peek of a Cortes in concert because he is now traveling all around the world to present his gift of imitating the Michael Jackson. He routinely talks with his admirers by means of his facebook and enjoys hearing about the joy his performances give them.

While it’s hard to fully duplicate the movements and style of Michael Jackson (MJ), there are some great impersonators that have done their homework, and are more than capable of capturing his essence. Sergio Cortes is more than a copycat that’s spent countless hours studying MJ. He takes his role seriously as someone who loves Michael Jackson’s work and wants to really pay tribute to MJ’s level of artistry. There are many reasons why people view Cortes as the most prolific Michael Jackson impersonator.

Vocal Ability

MJ has an undeniable vocal range and passion in his voice that’s hard to match. Cortes has found a great balance to hit MJ’s high notes with perfect pitch control. It’s hard to reach that octave range without peaking in the vocal tone. When he steps on a stage, he uses all of those elements in each one of MJ’s songs. He really channels the “King of Pop”by bringing that energy into his singing and having a persona to complement the voice. Of course, MJ had a great voice, but that’s only one aspect that made him special. People believed in what he had to say because there was a desire and hunger in the voice and message behind the lyrics.

Dance Moves

From the spins, the backslide (moonwalk), and isolations in his body, Cortes takes impersonating to another level. It’s impossible for most people to even grasp the concept of a moonwalk let alone do it nearly as perfect as MJ. He makes everything look seamless with his popping ability, rhythm, and flow. Although, MJ had tons of influence from James Brown to Fred Astaire, he put a unique twist those movements to make his own signature style.

Identical Looks

MJ was a fashion icon in his own right. Cortes has the face, the long hair, the hat, the gloves, the sequinned socks, and the patent leather shoes down to a science. All of these elements made MJ standout against every other performer. He’s not an impersonator, but a second coming of MJ. Character is something that’s inate, and he embodies the spirit of MJ, which is something you can’t teach no matter how many performances you study. His performances on YouTube just adds to the mystique that put MJ in a different lane.

There will never be another Michael Jackson, but Serio Cortes has done him justice with his great impersonation. He serves as a solid supporter to keep the legacy of MJ alive.