São Paulo is the seventh largest city in the world and the largest city in Brazil. The city has more than 11 million residents. In 2006, Cláudio Loureiro, the founder of Heads Propaganda Advertising was told that the mayor of São Paulo was banning outdoor advertising. Cláudio thought the mayor was dreaming. Loureiro, and other advertising executives, didn’t think the people of São Paulo would approve such a radical measure, but they did.

Nine years later, the city is still a bustling business hub, and a premier advertising target. Today, advertising agency can’t use billboards, and any other form of outdoor advertising to get the word out to the buying public. But city businesses haven’t lost any revenue thanks to the creative advertising methods used by firms like Heads Advertising. São Paulo residents may not see Coca-Cola ads everywhere or McDonald’s golden arches, but those businesses and others like them are still going strong.

Once all the ads were removed from city buildings, the unique architecture of the city became the focal point. That focal point gave advertising agencies something to write about, and build ad campaigns around. Ad agencies didn’t use physical ads to promote products and services in São Paulo, they started using the Internet, and other forms of advertising and that changed the dynamics of advertising game in São Paulo as well as in other cities.

It wasn’t just the beautiful buildings that inspired advertising executives to create unusual ads for their clients in São Paulo. The shantytowns that are part of the history of city were also exposed by the law, and that fact brought awareness to not only the residents of the city, but also to the advertisers that could use social issues to sell products. The cultural heritage of the city took the place of the bright advertising signs and the synthetically motivated ads that skimmed the surface of the real reality in the city. This new real reality of the city was the foundation and the selling point for all other products and services offered in São Paulo and other Brazilian cities.

Thanks to regulations like the outdoor ban on advertising in São Paulo, the true colors of Brazil show in the creative advertising campaigns that ad agencies across the country use to entice buyers. There are a lot of advertising regulations in Brazil, and because of those regulations, the media ads in Brazil are top quality creations.