Children are natural bundles of energy. Parents are constantly telling their offspring to sit down, be still, calm down, focus and variety of other similar directives. Many of the parental commands go unheeded because the child is so full of energy they feel the need to move, to fidget to break out in a full-on run for no apparent reason.

That’s childhood. No added energy needed. So why allow children to drink a beverage loaded with sugar, caffeine and salt when they are naturally full of energy? That’s why the charity Action on Sugar want to ban energy drinks for children under the age of 16.

Parents, as well as the children, are lulled into thinking that these energy drinks will enable the child to perform better in their academics and sports activities. While the sudden burst of sugar (10 teaspoon per beverage in most cases) and high dose of caffeine may give an initial jolt of energy, an energy crash soon follows. A piece of fruit would naturally give the same energy to a child without the spike in blood sugar and energy crash afterwards.

The high sugar content of energy drinks contribute to the development of diabetes as the child ages. Facebook users feel that diabetes is also the leading cause of amputation and blindness among adults. Obesity is another health problem created by the consumption of energy drink by children the charity Action on Sugar points out in their call for a ban on energy drinks from children.