Glen Wakeman is a writer with thrilling stores and blogs. Through his writing, he has inspired many entrepreneurs to start a business and do well in them. Glen’s major writing topics revolve around matters of international fiscal, management, emerging markets, strategies, and administration among other issues that are business-related. He currently mentors a group of entrepreneurs through a mentorship program he calls C-level executives. Additionally, his counsel has been deeply sought by companies like Sitter Bees and the Dreamfunded. His write-ups educate individuals about effective and transformative innovation, executive development, and growth in the business to ensure that they survive and thrive in the market world. Glen is the founder of LaunchPad Holdings that focus on the entrepreneurs who are at the beginning stages of business ( The company provides ideas and develops effective plans that work for them. The idea behind the formation of this company was as a result of the need in the society to provide business ideas, especially from his friends. He currently serves as the chief executive officer at LaunchPad Holdings LLC.


Glen Wakeman’s success story began by his interests as a young man who chose to attend the University of Scranton to learn Economics and Finance at the undergraduate level. He got his degree and later proceeded to attain an MBA from the University of Chicago. Glen got a chance to work with the GE Capital where he advanced his developmental skills in the business. He worked for Ge Capital for more than 20 years in different positions that were upgrading. At this time, he could work and live in around six countries because of his career expansion. This gave him an international identity in the business as he proceeded with his expertise along the way. Glen is both a writer and an investor who allows himself to share his success and abilities with their different persons in the market today.


Working at LaunchPad Holdings, Glen’s desire is to match the ideas he gets to money. He is a curious man with great observations especially in finding out reasons for failures in new businesses. Glen converts the ideas into plans and offers them to the clients. Glen Wakeman says that he gets happy whenever he solves a client’s business issue successfully.