The new look in EOS lip balms is here! The brand that wasn’t afraid to mix things up years ago has done it again by changing up their look to create a perfectly clear lip balm to add to their line. Crystal Clear Lip balms just came out this summer, and the two flavors are summer-date-worthy and super fun to apply.

According to, there are two flavors currently, a rich Vanilla Orchid flavor as well as a Hibiscus Peach option. The two flavors are created with the vegan friendly ingredients that EOS is known for. Each flavor includes 5 essential oils, including coconut, avocado, and shea oils which are all known to have healing properties.

The end result is that the clear lip balm leave your lips feeling soft and well cared for in stead of sticky or waxy in any way. The hydration provided by the essential oils allows dry and chapped lips to heal without the use of animal based products. Fans love the vegan friendly aspect of EOS, with good reason! Animals lovers don’t want to see products that harm beloved fellow creatures.

The new Crystal Lip Balms also have a new case, which is shaped to look like a jewel while still keeping the unique rounded appearance that fans adore. You can go to your local Target, Walgreens, or CVS to check out the new look for yourself!

EOS was founded by entrepreneurs with a dream of creating a new and different lip care product. They saw that lip care was marketed in a unisex way, and wanted to create a product that was glamorous, fun, and still functional.

The unique design of the EOS balms allows users to apply balm to both lips with one swipe, and the little spheres are convenient to keep in purses and fun to use. The EOS look took off rapidly, as many celebrities and loyal fans spread the word about the new balm, order here! This helped EOS rise in popularity and become the successful brand that they are today.