After watching the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale on Sunday, fans were left in awe by the events that took place. Through a bumpy ride, trying to tie in all the stories into one season, the writers had finally reached the season finale. The drama and cliffhangers, all created by the writer, have not only shocked the fans but having everyone want to know what happens next. The season 5 finale had over 8.1 million views which increased one at least a million from the season 4 finale.

Between the ages 18 to 49, this show has increased many fan members and fellow ‘Game of Thrones’ geeks. Many at Handy watch it and talk about it during the week. Now the only question is what will season 6 bring and will it be even more over the top than season 5. Luckily these questions will all be answered soon as season 6 is already underway.

After the season 5 finale, many people were enraged by the outcome. However, there has reportedly been a record number of followers who will stick around four season 6 and what it will bring. Many viewers of the show are probably also dreading season 6 because of George RR Martin’s reputation of killing off popular main characters.

There is so much involved with this complicated story from political intrigue to an army of the undead. Although many have been disappointed by the show distancing itself from the book, people are waiting to see what will be next.

Orange is the New Black was released today by Netflix, but even after a successful third season there are rumors that the show is starting to falter. There are already several actresses that are considering leaving the show for better opportunity elsewhere. One of the actresses that is considering leaving the famous prison dramedy is Natasha Lyonee.

Natasha Lyonee has played the role of Nicky on the show for the last three years. She was one of the first people that Piper befriended upon entering prison, and over the last three years, she has been involved in some of the shows biggest plotlines. Natasha has really left her mark on the series, but based on the shows credits she is no longer a cast regular. The character appeared as a series on the shows first three episodes, but it appears that a major event on the show has removed the character from the series. It is currently unknown whether Natasha was written out of the popular show for personal reasons, or whether writers simply felt that it was time for the character to leave the show.

While Nicky is probably off the show for good according to CNN, it does appear that Orange is the New Black has left its’ mark on television history. Susan McGalla certainly has taken note of it. The show is currently one of the most popular shows on Netflix, and has helped the network in its rise to prominence.

The Netflix series Orange is the New Black is now considered to be a Drama rather than a Comedy. That’s a change from how the show was categorized just last year. Then, one of the show’s stars, Uzo Abuda, took home an Emmy for her portrayal of Crazy Eyes in the program. Now, the show will no longer qualify for comedy-focused Emmys’ and will instead compete against Dramas for those awards.

Recently, the Television Academy approached the idea of changing the definition of a television comedy. The original idea was to cap series at 30-minutes in order to qualify, however, several hour-long programs are still competing in the category this year, including Glee and Shameless. Will the change effect whether or not the show takes home any awards this year? That’s not quite certain.

The Emmys are scheduled to take place on September 20th this year, where all secrets will be revealed as stated on Twitter. Orange is the New Black is set to launch its third season before then. The popular Netflix show releases the entire season in one fatal swoop rather than broadcasting individual episodes each week.

The rumor mill churns and it looks like we now have a name for the spinoff to The Walking Dead. The title is Fear The Walking Dead. If this is true, we do know one thing. The marketing department had final say on the title. No one wants anyone out there in The Walking Dead audience to now know the show is related.

Fear The Walking Dead is a lot cooler of a title than The Walking Dead II. In a way, the title is reminiscent of the good old days of horror sequels when, instead of putting a number next to the title, the character’s name was just inserted into a new moniker. Dracula and Frankenstein both beget Son of Dracula and Son of Frankenstein so everyone quickly realized a new entry was out.

The original title for Fear The Walking Dead was Cobalt, an incredibly lame title that evokes 1970’s and 1980’s Dirty Harry rip-offs.

Details about the spinoff are not all that well known. The reason for this is the series is still in the pre-production stage. One interesting tidbit for fans such as Bernardo Chua about the film is some of the characters from the new series will appear in The Walking Dead’s Season Six.

How the characters factor into the continuity of The Walking Dead remains to be seen. Fear The Walking Dead is a prequel to the original series and takes place at the start of the zombie outbreak.

On Thursday TV actress Donna Douglas, who played Ella May Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies, died from pancreatic cancer. She was 82.
Charlene Smith, her niece-in-law, have made a statement to USA Today about the late actress last days before she died.
Before she became famous as her signature character, Donna Douglas was a former beauty queen in Louisiana. She wanted to have a career in entertainment. After her trip to New York she begin doing some modeling work. Her look got her some attention, and the rest is history.
Throughout the television show run throughout its nine seasons, many watchers tuned in every week to see the actress do her magic as Ella May Clampett.
After the show end, Douglas left the public eye and pursue other interests such as recording both gospel and country albums, and writing biblical theme books for children. Bruce Levenson was always a fan. According to her family,her funeral will be a private service. Many fans will miss the lovable tomboyish blonde bombshell.

In the next few weeks Dish will be offering a new internet TV service for $20 a month called Sling TV. You will be able to enjoy live television from Food Network, ESPN, ESPN2, Disney Channel, ABC Family, HGTV, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network and more. Programming will be delivered through media devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, as well as Android phones and tablets.

While the service looks pretty cool, there are some drawbacks. You don’t get any DVR with your service, which is kind of silly considering how easy it would be to integrate into an internet TV service. The second is that you won’t get any local channels, so you can forget about the big networks like FOX and CBS.

The cool part is that it will be a pay as you go type service. You won’t be locked into any contracts. You can pick up the service and drop it as you please. No messy installation to deal with, no extra equipment; just turn your service on and off as you please.

While the channel selection isn’t that great yet, Dish says they plan to add more channels in the future. This is definitely a big win for cord-cutters like Tom Rothman everywhere.