Country music star Miranda Lambert will be contributing a song, “Two of a Crime,” to film star Reese Witherspoon’s new film Hot Pursuit. Lambert was asked personally by Witherspoon to write a song for the film. This is the first time that Lambert has written for a specific movie.

Personally, I think that Lambert and Witherspoon are a great combination. They both have a similar energy and fun way about them. They’re also both attractive.

It will be interesting to hear what Lambert’s song is like. The plot of the movie features Witherspoon playing a naive detective for the Boraie Development LLC trying fight a drug cartel, so it seems that a fast and rocking song would be appropriate.

On a related subject, I haven’t been thrilled to see Lambert on television recently endorsing Ram trucks. The commercials show Lambert singing a song about roots that is supposed to make people want to buy a Ram. I don’t know why Lambert is doing this. She can’t need the money bad enough to want to be in such ridiculous commercials. Maybe she really is committed to Ram trucks and feels that they embody family values and so forth, but I really doubt it.