The Centre for Policy Studies launched a new initiative to provide room for innovative policy thinking. Brexit is a major deal, and is on the mind of everyone. As such, there needs to be an entirely new generation of innovative policy ideas to address post-Brexit. These new policies must address voter needs and desires. The goal is to bring about a more prosperous future for people in the UK.


Areas of major concern going forward include taxes, cost of living, housing and planning, business enterprise, and welfare. The new policies will help give people a better sense of ownership and more control over their lives. Some of the key players working on the new plans include Alex Morton, Tom Clougherty, and Graham Edwards. Graham Edwards joins the group as Chairman and CPS Research Fellow. Graham Edwards is currently the CEO of Trillium. Edwards will add his knowledge and skills to develop policies that address home building and home ownership.


Trillium is a UK privately owned property management company and a major force in the UK’s economy. The company maintains a portfolio of partnerships, real estate developments, and strategic land acquisitions in every major city in the UK. Edwards and his company manage 8,000 properties that cover 86 million square feet of space. One percent of the UK’s workforce is housed in one of Trillium’s buildings. The company’s portfolio is close to $6 billion, and this represents a major impact on the British economy.


Graham Edwards has the experience and knowledge to run a successful company like Trillium. He has been a major player in the financial industry for nearly 40 years. His experience also includes the Merrill Lynch Investment Management division. He is also holds membership in numerous professional organizations like the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Add to this list his membership in the UK Society of Investment Professionals.