There’s a new weapon introduced in the fight against cancer. Hospital network, Cancer Treatment Centers of America along with Health Technology innovators, Allscripts, and NantHealth have teamed up to form a customized and comprehensive Oncology and treatment platform called Clinical Pathways. This platform enables oncologists to find evidence- treatment methods for their patients. Clinical Pathways provide real-time functionality, access to up to date guidelines, adverse drug reactions, and responsive rates, treatment option comparisons, and custom treatment methods that are unique to each patient.


About Cancer Centers of America


Founded in 1988 by American investment banker, Richard J Stephenson. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of five hospitals in the United States that serves cancer patients. This network of hospitals uses state of the art treatment options that focuses on the whole patient. Treatment options include conventional therapies such as chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy as well as evidence-informed, supportive therapies to manage the side effects of conventional treatments. These treatments include nutritional support, physical therapy, and Naturopathic medicine.




With its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, Cancer Treatment Centers have five locations in the United States. These areas include the Western Regional Medical Center in Goodyear, Arizona, Southwestern Regional Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Midwestern Regional Medical Center located in Zion, Illinois, Eastern Regional Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Southeastern Regional Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2015, Cancer Treatment Centers of America their first international patient information and concierge office in Mexico City and the network renamed Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc.

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Bruce R. Bent II thinks everyone with disposable income should invest in a money market fund. Why? Because wide risk diversification minimizes the risk of loss, and this is the type of investment everyone needs.

Money market funds are investment funds that invest almost exclusively in short-term investments, and are considered safe and valuable due to their short duration. A money market fund invests the money paid into securities with a maturity of up to 12 months. Due to the wide spread of risk, the chances of losing money from money market funds is lower. Due to the short remaining term of the debt securities included in the fund’s assets, money market funds virtually do not have any price risks. Their return is almost exclusively influenced by the level of the short-term interest rate. If this remains constant, its value increases practically continuously, but with a very low rate of increase.

This is one of the reasons Bruce Bent II suggest individuals invest in money market funds. This type of investment is particularly suitable if investing funds that are to be available at short notice. Money market funds are an interesting variant for investing indirectly in the money market. The advantages: The credit is available daily and the risks are manageable.

How Do You Minimize Loss?

Open-ended funds with short maturities are invested in several companies. This is used to control the risk of loss because it is unlikely that all companies involved in a fund will experience losses at the same time. Of course, with any investment, there are always chances for loss, however, money market funds minimize those chances.

Bruce Bent II, CEO and President of Double Rock Corporation, specializes in research-based methods that rapidly analyze cost management to improve the margin, and produce optimal outcomes. Bent has more than three decades of experience, particularly in operations & risk management, cost/benefit analysis, and needs assessment, which has enabled him to seize vast opportunities.

Bent is best known for creating money market funds. With a bachelor’s degree in Economics from St. John’s University, he began his Wall Street career. Over the past 50 years, Bruce Bent has held several leadership positions at LF Rothschild & Company, TIAA-CREF, Brown & Bent, and currently, he heads up Double Rock Corporation in New York, focusing on utilizing core strengths.

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USHEALTH Group, Inc., offers top-notch health care services and insurance covers through its subsidiaries; one is called the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, and the other is National Foundation Life Insurance Company. The group aspires to be the number one trusted health care choice in America.


USHEALTH Group is dedicated to fulfilling its mission by providing insurance solutions for individuals, families as well as small and middle business owners and their staff. Its insurance covers include Life, Accident, Disability, and Specified Disease/Sickness. To date, the group has offered its innovative and individually tailored products to over 15 million customers – for over 50 collective years.


USHEALTH Group Products and Insurance Plans


For its Accident and Specified Disease/Sickness plans, USHEALTH Group believes that customers have different service needs. Therefore, it has tailored its plans to include an array of options from which customers can select the best plan that applies to their financial situation. This makes the group uniquely qualified to meet the needs of individual clients and offer them flexible, reliable, and affordable plans.


Customers with a limited health insurance budget are also catered for by the company thanks to its extensive portfolio of products with first dollar benefits and substantial network discounts. One may opt to get a more affordable plan if they cannot afford comprehensive coverage.


USHEALTH Group’s full line of products includes Critical Illness, Income Protector, Accident, Disability Income, Term Life Insurance, Dental, Vision Plans, Specified Disease/Sickness, and Short-Term Accident Disability Income. The group remains committed to delivering on its promise of providing dependable and affordable products.


USHEALTH Group of Consultants


USHEALTH Group with its family of companies guarantees its customers unique purchasing skills through guidance by qualified and trustworthy advisors. Nonetheless, the advisors are required to meet precise product training and certification standards before being authorized to represent the group.


The dedication to individual customer attention has made USHEALTH Advisors an acknowledged global company when it comes to entrepreneurial development, customer care, and innovation. Furthermore, many individuals and families are consulting USHEALTH Advisors and USHEALTH Group on a daily basis to satisfy their queries and meet their insurance needs.

White Shark Media is a company that provides digital marketing services for small and medium size business organization. This company creates tailored made advertisements for medium-sized business organizations and even for a small one man operation.


The company was established in 2011 and has been around for a short time. Since they first have been established; White Shark Media has helped thousands of clients to get the word out about their enterprises. Many businesses all over the United States have used this company for their marketing and advertising purposes.


White Shark Media offers a wide variety of digital advertisement services. First, the company offers a free search marketing evaluation which is a process that finds the best adwords that a business can use for their digital advertisement campaign.


Once a client decides to business with White Shark Media, their search marketing evaluation will then be used toward their campaign. White Shark Media will tweak a business’s campaign to ensure optimal success. The services for their campaign could include adwords management, Bing ads management, eCommerce adwords management and PPC management.


Other services that a business can use also includes local listing management, local SEM management and logo design. Each of these services can be utilized by a business to make their advertisement and marketing campaigns successive.


White Shark Media also keeps in touch with their clients all throughout the marketing process. They continuously monitor and update a client’s campaign. They will tweak or make adjustments for a campaign to ensure that a client is achieving their marketing goals.


White Shark Media is a proven digital advertisement company. They will provide businesses with the marketing and advertisement solutions they need to be effective in the market. Their services have a proven track record of being successful. Many current and former clients will testify to this truth. You can find out more about White Shark Media by viewing their website.

Among other things distinguishing the folks in the city of Austin, Texas is their bold initiative to move forward responsibly and become significantly more Green. They actually have an Office of Sustainability dedicated to making their community more energy efficient.

The Austin Green Business Leaders program has about 186 enthusiastic businesses representing more than 29,000 employees from diverse industries such as Whole Foods, and Home Depot, to the Boy Scouts of America; and from Castle Hill Fitness, and Brothers Produce, to East Side Pies, “Green business is good business – especially in Austin.”

The benefit of our having Green laundromats in the commercial market in Austin, as well as for household use, is felt both immediately; and in protecting the environment in a sustainable and responsible way for the future.

One of these Green laundromats, Laundry Works, is located in the heart of central Austin very close to the grounds of the University of Texas; and very near to several popular cafes and restaurants, the Co-Op. A CVS pharmacy is also convenient, nearby. Specifically, Laundry Works is located at 606 W. 29th Street, Austin, Texas 78705.

A clean, efficient Austin  laundromat with a service-oriented staff, Laundry Works provides up-scale Electrolux equipment which considerably alters the time for washing and drying; it’s considerably shortened, and the low noise level is also appreciable, as is the stunningly-low consumption of both energy and water which is quite obvious in the extraction cycle.

Recognizing that their patrons would prefer to continue their daily lives without interruption, Laundry Works offers complimentary wifi; and there is no need to bring your own detergent or fabric softener, if you would rather not. They’re available. Services such as Wash and Dry, Wash and Fold, and Pick-up and Drop-off also available. Hours: Monday through Sunday, from 7:30 am-11:30 pm (with a call for the last wash by 10:30 pm.

Bernardo Chua, the Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of Organo Gold, has expanded its operations to Turkey.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Organo Gold is a company that sells Organic Ganoderma Lucidium, an ancient medicinal fungus found in Asia, through infusion with beverages such as coffee, tea, and other supplemental products.

Also known as the “King of Herbs,” Ganoderma Lucidium has been historically documented since Anicent China. Organo Gold offers its customers organically grown Ganoderma Lucidium, so they can assure that only the best and the highest quality produce will be sold.

Found in 2008, Organo Gold has been growing steadily as a business. By expanding its operation to Turkey, Bernardo Chua and his company have now reached 39 countries.

Bernardo Chua is expected to sell the following product lines in Turkey.

  • Gourmet Black Coffee
  • Gourmet Mocha
  • Gourmet Latte
  • Gourmet Hot Chocolate
  • King of Coffee
  • Espresso UNO
  • Espresso DUE
  • Espresso TRE

In 2015, Bernardo Chua and his team received the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Awards along with 2 People’s Choice Awards in the Philippines. He was also “honored as an ‘Outstanding Global Entrepreneur’ for his role as the CEO and Founder of Organo Gold.”

To this day, Organo Gold is providing quality products and outstanding customer service. With various products ranging from brewing cups, beverages, nutrition, to personal care, Organo Gold is a revolutionary company that will change the way you look at health. Rejuvenate your body with a cup of coffee in the morning or a cup of tea with your brunch.  Follow Bernardo for more on Facebook, and his entire career history can be seen on LinkedIn.

Helene Morrison has built an extensive career on ethics and steadfast integrity. From her earliest years in journalism right through to the present, she has exposed corruption to its highest level. During the global crisis on 2007, Morrison exposed widespread corruption in the financial industry. Unethical behavior, fraud, malfeasance and underhanded misdeeds had gone unchecked for decades.

Wall Street hit rock bottom. No one was prepared for what they would find buried deep within documents and falsified records of CEOs. Helane Morrison had seen enough. After graduating from law school, she began working for a law firm that went after corporate crooks. She began prosecuting fraud cases that went to the highest levels. She exposed many deceptive sales schemes and ways to make criminals in the finance industry pay.

Morrison is considered a pioneer in the financial industry. After receiving a position with the Securities and Exchange office, she was able to go after hedge fund cheats. Her hit list included big wigs from many high-profile corporations such as Google, HBO, AT&T and Hewlitt Packard.

Morrison has fought hard for equality in the workplace. She has worked tirelessly for the rights of women. Morrison is a staunch supporter of environmental issues and is active on a number of boards. She has won numerous awards for her passion, conviction and eagerness to help others.

Morrison attributes her massive success to a drive for justice and setting things right. As long as there is injustice, Morrison says she will be on the front line fighting it.

In April 2011, Ricardo Annes Guimarães, a Brazilian entrepreneur and the President of Banco BMG was awarded with a diploma of Merit from the City Council after it was requested by Councilman Daniel Nepomuceno. The ceremony was opened by the Speaker of the House, Leo Bourgeois who later handed over to the chair. The Councilman Daniel Nepomuceno said they recognized the role the President of BMG has played in supporting and investing in sports activities in Brazil. On the other hand, Leo Bourgeois remembered that Guimarães was honored and awarded the Grand Collar of the Legislative Merit in 2004. According to him, it was an avenue that his House used to honor the entrepreneur focusing on his individual potential.
The member of the legislature further stressed the role Guimarães has played in supporting sports activities and especially when he was the president of Atletico Mineiro team between 2001 and 2006. During that time, the executive of BMG facilitated the construction of a training center known as “Roosters” which is regarded as the best equipped facility in Brazil. Another government officer present at the occasion was Fred Costa, the State Representative, who acknowledged that Guimarães had a broad curriculum not only in football, but also other sports like tennis, volleyball and gymnastic.
Costa said the sponsorship had largely contributed to the development of socio-economic activities in Brazil. The MP further noted that Ricardo Guimarães of BMG had also invested in the healthcare sector at Whale Hospital. The Deputy Governor was also present and thanked the entrepreneur and stressed that he deserved it. Ricardo accepted the honor and thanked the Councilman Nepomuceno, and also stressed that Belo Horizonte is his homeland. He said it’s a great honor to keep the culture that his grandfather started way back when he started BMG. Additional info about the honor can be found on
Ricardo Guimarães’ take on sports in Denmark
According to Ricardo Guimarães of BMG, Denmark is one of the countries that largely support children involvement in sports activities. In a report that was released on, Ricardo explains that more than 86 percent of children are involved in sports activities. Despite the huge investment the country has invested in sports activities, it is not interested in hosting major championships like the Olympic, reports Guimarães.
Demark has about 11,000 sports federations and 1,600 football clubs and many more handball teams. Guimarães says that the Danish government has set $1 million as saving for every child born, in respect to health, education and also sports. The executive reports that Brazilian children are introduced to balls at their feet while in Denmark they grow with balls in their hands. Additional information is found on

Florida attorney Dan Newlin is a well known face in the legal field of the Sunshine State and will soon hope to become just as popular in Chicago, where his team is opening a new office. The Law Offices of Dan Newlin provide a safe environment for those who have been affected by an injury or accident and are looking for a sense of justice, plus financial compensation to aid their suffering. In many cases, Newlin and his team are looking to bring justice to those who feel they have been left behind following an accident or injury, who feel they have nowhere else to turn for support and assistance than to a personal injury law specialist.

Perhaps the most famous case Dan Newlin has been involved in is that of Florida teen Danielle Sampson, who was left brain damaged after being shot by a stray bullet in 2012. Then aged 15, Danielle has been left in a coma since the incident, which left the bullet lodged in her brain after she was struck whilst sitting in the backseat of a minivan. Tyrone Mosby was convicted of the robbery the shot was fired during and for injuring Danielle, but her family were still left with the financial and emotional burden of her injuries and medical treatment.

The intervention of Dan Newlin led to a $100 million settlement being awarded by a Florida jury after a financial claim was brought by Newlin against Tyrone Mosby, the gang member who fired the fateful shot. The effect on the lives of the Sampson family have been huge and include the fact the family will have the medical bills of Danielle taken care of for the remainder of her life.

The commitment to service Dan Newlin showed the family of Danielle Sampson is something the attorney has felt throughout his life. Embarking on a career as a law enforcement officer and firefighter before completing law school, Dan Newlin has made it his life’s work to help others in their time of need. From his own Dan Newlin Miracle Foundation to his daily work as a personal injury attorney, Newlin spends his days attempting to fill each and every day with time spent serving others.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a serious accident, whether it’s a car, motorcycle or truck accident or medical malpractice case, personal injury super lawyer Dan Newlin is the lawyer you want to take your case. Newlin is an aggressive trial lawyer who earned the honor of being in the elite group of Superlawyers in 2012, for his work in his Orlando and Chicago offices.

Unparalleled Career

Dan Newlin began his career in law as a police officer in Illinois. After several years, he transferred to the Orlando Sheriff’s Department in Florida where he excelled. Soon after moving, Mr. Newlin was promoted to detective where he earned honors for investigative work. His displayed his talent in detailed research and developing the case, as he entertained the idea of practicing law.

Dan graduated from the Florida State Law School in 2000 and soon afterward opened a law firm in Kississimmee. In 2013, he opened his second office that serves the Chicago area. Dan Newlin is proud to benefit the communities by helping average citizens with their legal problems.

What separates Dan Newlin from the majority of attorneys is the unique perspective of seeing every situation from both sides police officer and detective. As an intense, aggressive trial attorney, he represents his clients in court with research from an expert legal team along with his excellent skills as a trial lawyer; he provides a strong presence in the courtroom that cannot be ignored as he examines every detail for his client. Attorney Dan Newlin is dedicated to his clients and obtain successful compensation in their cases.

Several top personal injury compensations that he has been successful in recently are:

1) A $100 million settlement for a teen who was shot in the head by a gang member who was fleeing a home invassion. She has been in a coma since 2012 when the shooting occured.
2) for an off-duty Orange County police officer was shot and killed in a robbery, and Mr. Newlin securd a $24 million verdict for his wife and three children.
3) $3.3 Million was won for the client who was given the inappropriate medication and as the result suffered from cardiac arrest, which resulted in severe brain injury.

Attorney Newlin has real compassion for his clients who have had to suffer these treadgedies and others like them, but he also knows that he has the expereince and knowledge to obtain the best results from the negligent defendants. He also knows that no amount of money can right these wrongs, but he is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for the clients in his community..