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The cryptocurrency world has been changing day by day and it is expected that more changes may be on the way. According to what cryptocurrency experts and developers predict, cryptocurrency’s technology is likely to change the stock markets, global payments and fundraising in the near future. Jed McCaleb is one of the developers who has come up with this prediction. You cannot mention some of the biggest crypto organizations and you don’t mention Jed. Mt. Gox bitcoin is among the crypto exchange organizations Jed is associated with. Jed works at Stellar as the chief technology officer.


Stellar is an organization whose main mandate is to develop a cryptocurrency network that would make cross-border payments suitable. Jed has constantly indicated through CNBC.com that blockchain technology would gain traction just a few years from now. Jed says he optimistic that the operating network that would come next will be universal. He notes that the network would not change arbitrarily and that it would have a public ledger that people would easily access. According to Jed, the crypto network would enable people to use currencies such as euros and dollars, which they are used to.


All these crypto issues are what Stellar is working hard to solve. With this network, it would just take someone less than 5 seconds to settle their transaction. This means they would not have a problem exchanging currencies with government support. Stellar’s network has become popular and IBM is actually using it for cross-border payments. With this, it would be easier to help investors to make payments through some large banks. Although stocks are non-cryptoassets, Jed notes that they would be digitized using the same technology. Lumens are some of the XLM coins Stellar has today and they are soared to about 10 cryptocurrencies.


As the technical development leader at Stellar, Jed hopes to bring a great revolution into the industry. Jed believes that when technology is leveraged, there would be no inefficiency. Furthermore, the human condition would greatly improve. He managed to create a network that people use to share files. At MIRI, Jed is a reputable advisor on artificial intelligence research, which aims at bringing a positive impact.

Cairo University School of Medicine and he practiced medicine for 47 years before retiring. He was born in the 1940s just a few years before the State of Israel was founded. As his family lived in the area Israel claimed they were forced out of their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They were sent to live on the West Bank. When this occurred is father had been out of town on business and so it was just his mother and their children that were there initially. After trying for many hours to find out where his family was when he got back his father eventually found them after making a large payment to get across the river to a person who owned a boat. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12

Dr. SaadSaad says that his family moved to Kuwait as oil was being discovered there and his father was a petroleum mechanic. While he had a brother who worked outdoors as an engineer he says that wasn’t the life for him because of the brutal heat and suffering a heat stroke. He decided then and there he would find work indoors where it is air-conditioned. He decided on being a pediatric surgeon who always work in air-conditioned facilities.

One thing that Dr. SaadSaad says is very important is to be proactive. He says people should never put things off and instead accomplish them that day. This attitude led to his success as a surgeon and taught him to be highly efficient. He practiced in both Kuwait and Saudia Arabia but spent the majority of his career in the United States. He is very innovative and some of his time in America was spent making surgery less painful for children. He says one form of surgery required two incisions to be cut but he figured out how to successfully perform this surgery making only one cut. This also drastically reduces complications that can result from incisions being made.

During his career he specialized in both general surgery and general surgery. He was Board Certified in Pediatric Surgery which indicates to patients that he his very qualified in this form of surgery. He is one of the few pediatric surgeons in the United States that can speak fluent Arabic and English.

Along with his wife, Dr. SaadSaad lives in Eatontown, New Jersey. He says they have four children who all have been successful in their careers. He performed surgeries in a number of hospitals in that region. This includes Jersey Shore University Medical Center, the Long Branch Campus of Monmouth Medical Center, and Clara Maass Medical Center.

Every successful investor ties their success to learning. In fact, a majority of such investor’s firm end up with thousands of clients always questioning about the business, economy, stocks and ultimately, seeks for professional opinions. That is the reason why investors like Chris Linkas continue to be on the top of the game.

Along these lines, we will look at five facts that most top investors use, which will help the average investor.


Professionals Do Not Know It All

Professional investors work full time to ensure that they have every information about you. Sure, they have a sense of access to the management of companies’ teams and have various data streams. However, the market is always and will always be more significant than them.

We have incident the smartest fund managers and investors like Chris Linkas make their biggest mistakes during their career. But this doesn’t disqualify their expertise.

One common mistake that almost every major investor makes is doubling down on losing investment. While on the other hand, arrogant investors tend to believe that they are always right and the market is wrong, and thus these investors end up buying more.

The best example of this scenario is from one Valeant Pharmaceuticals, which proliferated over a short period but had the same duration of its downfall.

The said investor of the pharmaceuticals noticed that the market sales were gradually declining and instead of halting production processes, he decided to increase, which caused it to crumble down.


The New Phenomenon

Apparently, investors like Chris Linkas have reported that many customers ask questions along the lines of: “KYZ Co. reported some outstanding earnings but the stock is down, why would that be?”

The sad truth is, investors in those companies usually buy the news events. They contact the media house and sell their earnings announcement to attract more investors and shareholders.

Therefore, as an investor, you have to be careful before either buying the stock or advising your clients.


At Times some Defensive Sectors Decline.

Defensive sectors are always deemed to be the safest investment opportunities, but the truth is they can also take a big hit. Horrible performance in shares during the year, often causes these hits.

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the leading professional membership organization for emerging professionals, licensed architects as well as allied partners, and is agreed to be one of the best ones available out there. The American Institute of Architects currently has 300 chapters with around 200 employees and has its headquarters in Washington DC. The members of AIA benefits from the organization’s information, advocacy and community.

Every year, The American Institute of Architects is active in championing the future of architects by raising awareness and public belief in the value of design, which is the core of an architect’s job. They host an annual Architecture conference called the AIA Conference where architects can learn a lot and establish connections.

Through its awards program, AIA promotes outstanding professional achievement of its members and design excellence. It helps its licensed architect members by providing them with countless web-based resources. AIA provides support and sponsorship for architects continuing educational requirements to help them maintain their licenses.

As the leading professional organization in the world of architecture, the American Institute of Architects has set the standard for the industry when it comes to contract documents. Emerging architects and professionals all over the country use it as a basis for the documentation.

AIA has over a hundred contracts and forms used in the construction and design industry. AIA provides important information for its members by conducting market research on the economic factors that may affect the architecture industry and provides its members with AIA’s deep analysis on the results of the market research. Most importantly, AIA prides itself as an advocate of the architecture industry.

The CEO of AIA is Robert Ivy, and one of the leaders of the company. He’s been at the helm of AIA since 2011, and through his leadership, AIA is again realigning itself with its legacy as a responsive, proactive and a very influential organization. All of the institution and the employees of Robert Ivy hold an intense relationship of pride and love for the CEO of the company. Most of the successes and initiatives that led to some of the most significant achievement of the institution had the finger or the approval of Robert Ivy, who is regarded as a great leader.

On the top of his goals for AIA is raising the public awareness and belief on the value and importance of the architecture profession and this goes hand in hand with AIA’s mission and vision.


     Jeff Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider. Jeff joined banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. Before coming to Benyan Hill Publishing, Yastine worked as a financial journalist and a stock investor. Yastine is a great asset to the company because not only does he have diversity in his experience, but he also has a lengthy amount of on the job experience, 20 years to be exact.

When it comes to finances and investing, Jeff is a true professional. He has worked with many of the best in the finance business including Warren Buffett and Michael Dell. While working with these individuals, Yastine learned many techniques from them. During Yastine’s career he has been Emmy nominated for over fifteen years. He was also a correspondent at PBS Business Report for many years!

While working at Banyan Hill, Jeff has been using all of his teachings to benefit readers of his daily and weekly readings. As a writer for Total Wealth Insider, Jeff helps entrepreneurs and investors understand the stock market and other businesses, economic trends, and he also gives readers tips on how to earn profit from different investments. Jeff has a great reputation for helping small business owners with failing businesses succeed. He also has helped many large businesses turn their companies around! Jeff has worked with several different businesses, including clubs, restaurants, retail, real estate, and many other types of establishments. However, Jeff is well known for all of his help contributed during the real estate crisis that recently took place.

In addition, Jeff is also a very humane individual. While many people were dealing with the negative impacts of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Jeff was one of the main people there involved to help for recovery. Jeff also was great help to those who suffered from the oil spill that took place in 2010. Jeff is very respected for these acts because not many investors are involved after crisis take place.

Jeff has also visited Cuba numerous times as an investor. This is very significant because not many people can say that they have experience as a foreign investor, but Jeff can! He has a very diverse experience in the finical world which is awesome!

So far Jeff has had a great career. Many people are excited for him in his most recent position as the editor of Total Wealth Insider. The finical market is waiting to see what Yastine’s next move will be!

The Dynamic Duo

Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg are a testament to the fact that a strong drive to succeed can conquer many things in the business world, even when prior knowledge of the product or service is not at peak levels. Before creating Techstyle Fashion Group, the two gentlemen knew very little about the world of fashion. Yet they made it succeed.

While both men enjoyed a modicum of success on their own, they found themselves working to together at Intermix in the early 2000s. They quickly became friends and decided to form their own company in 2006. This company was called Intelligent Beauty. The business was based on the concept that while most consumers loved the idea of wearing highly-fashionable clothing, most had very little way of obtaining personalized designer clothing.

They decided together to form a subscription-based clothing company called JustFab. The concept of the company was that members would receive a monthly shipment of athletic clothing and accessories that were completely personalized. Each package contained information on how to pair articles of clothing which were a way to give members the confidence needed to keep ordering from the company.

In 2016, JustFab rebranded themselves as Techstyle. The two men felt the name change gave the company a more cutting-edge feel while at the same time emphasizing both of the aspects of the business: fashion and technology. The name ties in directly to the roots of the two men’s beginnings in the business world.

Even though Techstyle has been a smashing success, the two men are not solely focused on profits only. They have a great reputation for donating to charities and investing in the community. One of their favorite charities to donate to is the Cinderella Project. This charity is aimed at providing dresses and gowns for low-income students who otherwise may not be able to afford special clothing to wear to their prom.

It is merely a given that Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg will find continued success in their business ventures. Even if they develop other businesses, they have stated they will remain focused on their landmark project. Techstyle.

     The prominence of Shafik Sachedina is behind his role not only as the founder but also the owner of the Sussex Health Care. Before getting to serve in the company, he gave service at different capacities in other organizations within his career. It is from such services that he acquired the vast experience he owns.

The appropriate description to the Sussex Health Care is a Sussex-based team of care homes which is private. The organization’s primary objective is in line with facilitating an adequate care to the mentally sick persons as well as the aged.

Some individuals or groups have the challenges in line with learning or even physically. As a remedy, the firm enhances the provision of specialized care services for those affected about such. The groups of individuals who are beneficiaries of their services consist of those with neurological disabilities.

It is the firm’s dedication to enhancing the provision of high care standard together with giving an adequate amount to the persons in need. Concerning business, it aspires to emerge as an excellent service provider of care, both the nursing and the residential, in line with Sussex. The company is capable of consistently staying within its goals and set objectives. It is because its endeavors are executed under the guidance of professionals who are adequately qualified and have a vast experience.

As well, Dr. Sachedina undertakes the task of interfacing concerning the initiatives in place about Aga Khan Development. The service extends to certain Central Asia’s institutions of Ismaili societies.

His early life started in Dar-es-salaam City situated in Tanzania where he was born. From then onwards, he remained dedicated to his duties. It is for this reason that he managed to qualify as a dental surgeon in 1975. It is worth acknowledging Guy’s Medical and Dental School for the achievement. The faculty gives service in line with the University of London. It is after then that he has continually gained expertise in the field following his service in England.

His decision to volunteer in the sector is what has led to his attainment of a substantial interest in the career. He aspires to put in place a strategy that classifies service to the community a norm.

At the moment, he holds many positions in different institutions. The reason is that he has a good history entailing success in the duties that he has accomplished successfully.

There are incredibly beautiful churches in the Twin Cities. The Basilica of St. Mary was constructed in the early 1900’s and the Beaux-Arts and Baroque architecture are lovely. The church is incredibly detailed and ornate and one of Minneapolis’s historic churches. The Church of the Sacred Heart has an incredibly ornate interior. Although the church is small the interior design is beautiful and it is located out of sight from the interstate. The Cathedral of St. Paul is at the top of Summit Hill and was built early in the 1900’s. The structure is impressive with a dome 186 feet high in the center.

The Mighty Fortress changes lives with bible teachings and worship. They focus on Christian living and powerful worship. The atmosphere is friendly and comfortable and designed to worship the presence of God. His spiritual refreshment, blessings, and inspiration are received through worship. God is brought into the atmosphere with the worship team, choir, and band. Everyone has the freedom to express their gratitude of God at the Mighty Fortress.

The Mighty Fortress has watched thousands of lives change by his word and acceptance into the spirit. Biblical principles are provided to ensure victorious Christian living. Believers can lead victorious lives and nurture their faith. The answers to the toughest challenges in life can be found at the Mighty Fortress with honesty and worship.

The Senior Pastor at the Mighty Fortress is Bishop T. R. Williams. He is a prophetic voice and an apostolic. He has served the ministry for thirty years and is highly respected. He believes in the treasures of knowledge and wisdom that are found in the word of God. He believes God holds the answers to the problems facing the world such as rebelling against God, moral decay, racism, disease, sickness, poverty, and sin. Bishop Williams has followed his calling as a bridge to the body of Christ. He feels once the Church of God is viewed as one entity people will begin to follow Christ. Pastor Williams founded the Mighty Fortress International Ministries and has devoted his service as their President and Pastor.

For more information follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

At some point in everyone’s life, there’s a probability they will visit a dentist. Many people will most likely agree that visiting a traditional dental practice is not an exciting experience. One thing for sure is if the practitioners and their staff members are not excited the patient will not be excited. The reason for such drab and uninspired attitudes could be that these practitioners are not receiving the vital support they need from the corporate side of the coin.

Sure, practitioners most likely do not desire to be micromanaged; however, practitioners need to be inspired to continuously make improvements that benefit all of their patients. Improvements of operating standards can facilitate healthy growth, happier practitioners, and therefore happier patients. Healthy growth is not about focusing on profit margins or crunching numbers.

Doctor Villanova, an active practitioner with a vision of promoting the best-of-the-best from both the practitioner and corporate side of the dental industry recognized that dental practitioners needed specialized assistance without micromanagement. Dr. Chris Steven Villanova, founder, and CEO of MB2 Dental discovered what it takes to give critical reinforcement without compromising the profession. Dr. Villanova used direct knowledge based on his time spent on both sides of the provider- business equation.

The idea for MB2 Dental Solutions originated from the fact that doctor Villanova wanted to be “best” in accordance with economies of scale, shared best-practices, state-of-art technology, complete autonomy, less bureaucracy, availability, and ownership. These are very important attributes that will enhance the patient’s experience, lower employee turnover, and keep practitioners productive. Incorporating these things into any industry makes for a happier working environment. People work best when they are having fun and not under great pressure!

Everyone working in our company has a special role. Nevertheless, Dr. Villanova understands that it is important for all staff members to be on the same page and know that the ultimate goals are making the patient experience better and empowering doctors to provide the best patient care possible! If everyone is not working together, chaos and confusion will most likely turn the patient visit into a gloomy encounter.

Overall doctor Villanova believes that a business is built on people and not on who’s best at everything. Nevertheless, there must be motivating factors that keep our doctors on their toes, focused, and striving to be the best, by doing the best they can to create a compassionate caring environment for all patients.