Thank you Securus Technologies. You have literally saved me life. I was recently robbed at knifepoint. And my wedding band was taken from me. It is the most important thing to me because my husband is overseas in the Army. There was nothing I could do but cooperate with the thieves and give up my jewelry. But I hated to part with my wedding band. This act went beyond fear and anger. I became depressed. All I wanted was my wedding band back. Then I got a call from the leading detective on my case. He told me to come down to the station. He thought he had my wedding band. I tried not to run any red lights as I rushed downtown. I could hardly contain myself, I was so happy. Then I saw it. It was there. It was mine. I filled out the papers and got my wedding ring back. I had to sit down, I was crying so very hard. How did this miracle happened? How did they know to call me? Come to find out, I told the officers that my wedding band had a certain engraving on the inside. It was personal only to my husband and myself. I really don’t remember sharing that information with the police at the scene of the crime. But I was in a state of shock after the robbery. That is where Securus Technologies comes in. It was reported that during an inmate call, the robber on the outside was teasing and bragging about not getting caught and going to prison like the rest of his buddies. Well, he eventually get picked up also. And he confessed all too easily. He was even wearing my wedding band on his finger. I got my ring back quickly. Thank you Securus Technologies for being in place in the prison system.