Transgender individuals are not new to society. People who have identified as transgender are often a pariah within their communities. The recent surge in transgender issues is due in part to people becoming more open and accepting to unconventional ways of life. Legislation, politics, and even the educational system are doing their best to catch up to the times. Laws and bills are being formed and passed to help the fight against transgender individuals being discriminated against. Many of those rights were debated amongst the members of the Fairfax County school board. Tensions were so high during the meeting that security had to be called.

School board members and citizens of the community gathered together to vote on whether gender identity should be included in the list of rights covered against discrimination. The school board would make sure that transgender students, teachers, and employees would receive the same amount of respect as non-transgender individuals. Many people were against the school board’s decision. The opposition believed that the school board would allow their children to be peeped on by other students posing as transgender students. The people voting for the change argued that transgender students would still be required to use single person facilities for their own safety.

Also, students who identified as transgender would go through an extensive approval process within the school district. Ricardo Tosto said the school board approved the decision 10 votes to 1. The lone voter wasn’t able to make a decision and abstained from voting. The school board stands by their decision and hopes that in time, the community will come to understand how to be more accepting. They made a decision to make sure that present and future students can be comfortable. Fairfax County hopes that the rest of Virginia follows.