George Soros is a name that many Democrats relate to. He has been a great supporter of the Democratic Party through his generous donations. George Soros manages a hedge fund and he is a renowned businessman with billions of dollars attached to his name. He has donated to many organizations and supported many causes but the most outstanding donation he has made is to the Open Society Foundations. He has so far donated 18 billion dollars to this foundation. This money was not donated at once, it was widespread over the years. With the accumulation of all donations, it was second in the list of organizations that focus on philanthropy.

George Soros saw a need for promoting human rights democracy and this is why he started the Open Society Foundations over 3 decades ago. The Foundation operates in more than 120 countries that are spread out all over the world. Recently, Open Society Foundations switched its focus to the United States where it has been investing in several programs that cater to the rights of individuals and their rights to speech. Some of their donations have been channeled to promote peace in the country after the elections that took place in 2016, promote the healthcare sector through the funding of some centers for treatment after the outbreak of Ebola in 2014 and support of art and culture.

Politically, he has had a huge part to play as a donor to the Democratic Party, particularly, Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Open Society has since picked up an urgent task of ensuring that voter fraud will stop moving forward so that democracy is well practiced. They are focused on ensuring that elections are fair and every citizen’s rights are well protected. George Soros is a strong believer in the democracy having lived through the Nazi Occupation in Hungary as a young boy.

George Soros left Hungary and went to London to study before later migrating to the United States to start off his career at Wall Street. His success in the United States was destined for his hard work. He studied the market in depth and in 1992, George placed a bet against the British pound and he won one billion dollars through this bet. He was then nicknamed the man with the ability to break the Bank of England after this incidence. As he continued to increase his wealth, he continually invested in democracy and supporting the rights of humans. In 1984 is when he began the Open Society Foundation with the aim of supporting freedom of expression, a governance that was democratic and respect for the rights of people. George, having lived during the Nazi occupation knew what a closed society entailed and he was not a supporter of this.

George Soros is so far in the group of individuals who generously donated funds to Democrats. He gave funding to Democrats during the election period to support the causes they stood for. Wall Street Journal had the honor of reporting the cumulative contribution of Soros towards the Open Society Foundation. His anticipation is donating another 2 billion dollars to the Foundation in order to ensure that they are sufficiently making an impact in the societies they work with all over the world.and Follow him