Disney might have started a trend with the success of the live action adaptation of Cinderella. In a story that can be seen here it is reported that Warner Bros. is moving forward with their live action version of Pinocchio. In fact the upcoming film has Robert Downey Jr. set to star as both Geppeto and the voice of Pinocchio.

There are lots of proposed movies out there at any one time. The thing that brings this one so much attention is that it’s script is getting a rewrite from its potential director, P.T. Anderson. The film has reportedly been in development since 2012 with both Ben Stiller and Tim Burton set to direct at one point or another. Downey has consistently been attached to the film throughout the entire process so far.

With Disney doing their thing and now the WB jumping in, it was only a matter of time before Universal decided to join the fun. They are said to be working on a live action version of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid. If they stick closer to the source material than Disney did in their animated feature, Universal’s could be a much darker film on iTunes.