There’s something brilliant about a reality soap opera full of producers hoping to make their own. …soap opera. The icing on the cake is the cast of familiar, former daytime soap opera stars all being women. It’s called the, “Queens of Drama,” for a reason, and the long list of outbursts, grudges and disagreements shows nothing short a conundrum of drama.

This scripted American reality series got it start in 2015, and its first 10 episodes to conclude season one aired on POP.

You may recognize some of the faces as a soap fan, or you may recognize them because you’ve seen the broadcast. The series casts Donna Mills, Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Vanessa Marcil and none other than Crystal Hunt as the stars of drama. These are the “queens,” and this is where the ever-wanted, undeniable drama usually begins.

You may recall season one’s list of titles that only begged to introduce the high strung noise, rumors and debates the show is synonymously known for. They included: “I Don’t Do Ugly,” “People Should Keep Their Opinions to Themselves,” “Those Little Devils,” “Dealing with Sociopath,” or “What Donna Wants.”

Among the collection of acclaimed stars, one shines relatively bright and has had a longstanding career to support this claim. She’s known for bringing a great deal of business savvy experience to the table among these women and with no shortage of it.

FamousBirthdays indicate Crystal began her public stage appearances at the very young age of 2 doing pageants which led her to commercial opportunities. One such, famed opportunity came in the form of a Walt Disney Company celebration. Her most notable roles included appearances on Guiding Light–the soap opera consisting of the Spaulding family of Philip, Beth and Crystal herself who portrayed the troubled youth, Lizzie Spaulding.

Hunt’s feature films on the big screen consisted of pictures including “Sydney White” and “The Derby Stallion.” She finished these works before reappearing on daytime television again and this time on ABC’s, “One Life to Live.” She became substantial during this series as the infamous, Stacy Marasco.

Facebook followers feel Crystal Hunt’s business sense likely stems from a few ventures she herself had and has. One of which is as owner of My Pet Dream Boutique and with a tried hand at producing her own film, “Talbot County.” This woman’s career is bright and rightfully so. Her hard work has paid off, and only time can tell how much further the actress will go.  Check out her photography work here.