Progress. It amazes me. The quaint little city I moved to over 20 years ago has basically become a metropolis. This was the work of real estate developers. They’re smart people and they chose wisely. This city has just about everything to offer now, from modern shopping malls that carry top of the line products to beautifully redesigned beachfront condominiums that line the coast.

When thinking about all this development, there’s one man’s name that comes to mind and that name would be Haidar Barbouti. Although he wasn’t the mastermind behind the devolopment in my city, he certainly is the mastermind behind real estate development in areas across the world including right here in our country, particularly the Houston, Texas area as well as New York City.

Haidar Barbouti has been using his knowledge and experience of commercial real estate developing for over 20 years and has made quite a name for himself.

The town of Highland Village in Houston, Texas has the honors of being home to an example of Haidar Barbouti’s work; the famous “Highland Village Shopping Center.” It holds various top of the line business’, including Mr. Barbouti’s very own restaurant. Visitors give it 5 stars across the board and not just for the choices of it’s many shops but of course for it’s exquisite design.

On Etsy you can see that Haidar Barbouti is a Houston, Texas resident himself and has used his skills to bring parts of this city back to life. Hopefully some day I myself can take a visit to Houston and enjoy shopping and dining at his own personal restaurant at the “The Highland Village Shopping Center.” It wouldn’t end there though, because there are much more accomplishments to see by this master of real estate development. So, hats off to you Mr. Barbouti! You have made quite an impression.