Wikipedia Can Bring Exposure

A Wikipedia article is one of the best ways to increase exposure for practically anything. As the largest encyclopedia and the most popular encyclopedia, you’ll exposure yourself to millions of views per day. Additionally, if you make a Wikipedia page will boost the search engine rankings for any website or business you are trying to promote as linking to a website from Wikipedia increases the overall ranking for that particular website. Hence, services like Get Your Wiki are invaluable.

Wikipedia Pages Are Taken Seriously

The Internet has completely changed the business of marketing and companies have adapted. You may already have a strong presence on social media and feel this is enough for your business. However, there are certain advantages a Wikipedia article gives you that you will not find in social media. Generally, most people do not take social media “seriously” in the same manner that they might take an encyclopedia article. They will disregard the information or see your social media account as just another ad. Since Wikipedia has stringent standards for the articles on its website, there is stronger trust in the content.

Wikipedia Editors Can Protect Your Image

The services of Get Your Wiki extend beyond the creation of a Wikipedia article. They will also maintain and edit a Wikipedia page as well. Wikipedia articles aren’t static and they are subject to change. The content of an article may represent outdated information, but Get Your Wiki editors can easily update pages. Additionally, some editors may place inaccurate information and in some cases you may have competitors use Wikipedia for malicious reasons. With the services of Get Your Wiki you will no longer need to worry about this issue arising.

Wikipedia Editors Understand The Process

As a massive encyclopedia, Wikipedia has a complex process all articles must go through before they are approved. First, Wikipedia editors must prove that the article in question is notable. If an article is not deemed notable it is subject to deletion. After notability is established, there is a need to prove that the article is neutral and properly sourced. Another major issue articles face on Wikipedia is merging. If an article covers a notable subject but isn’t considered important enough to warrant its own article, the article may face a merger.

The Wikipedia editors at Get Your Wiki understand how problems like this arise. They solve all of these complicated issues so you don’t have to do it yourself. Even if you already have a Wikipedia page, Get Your Wiki can still help you with its monitoring and translation services. With this kind of help you can expand your online presence to a global level.